• What is a 3D camera

    2D cameras can only record the plane texture information of objects, and cannot obtain the third dimension information of the physical world (size, distance and other geometric data). Due to the lack of 3D information, the terminal device can not realize 3D environment perception, 3D face recognition and other functions. The 3D camera can obtain the three-dimensional spatial coordinates of each point in the image, and the complete three-dimensional world can be restored through the three-dimensional coordinates, and dozens of functions such as three-dimensional measurement, environment perception, three-dimensional map reconstruction, face recognition, and skeleton recognition can be realized, giving all kinds of terminals a pair of "3D wisdom eyes ".

    Why choose Gold Train3D Sensing

    In response to the intelligent upgrading needs of various industries, Gold Train launched Astra+, U2, S1 high-performance 3D cameras, and widely used in face payment, door lock access control, identity verification, smart phones, smart TV, service 888 Gold and other fields. At present, Gold Train has served more than 1,000 customers around the world, including China UnionPay, Ant Group, OPPO, HP and other well-known brands.

    Customized services for the whole industry chain

    Through a wealth of multi-level 3D visual perception Gold Train products, personalized and differentiated module optimization is realized, providing customers with a full range of customized services from the bottom to the top.

    Multi-scene scale landing

    3D vision products take the lead in the field of smart phones and offline retail to achieve million-level shipments, and continue to deeply empower many industrial fields such as smart terminals, digital homes, smart cars, 888 Gold, and digital twins.

    Self-built high-end manufacturing plant efficient delivery

    16000㎡ self-built production base layout of tens of millions of production capacity, with hundreds, thousands, thousands of clean rooms, focusing on accurate optical adjustment, support small batch, multi-batch, rapid delivery of 3D visual perception product needs.

    What products do we have

    Monocular structured light camera

    • Astra 2

      Ultra-high resolution Accurate and stable D2C space-time alignment
    • D-Light

      Outdoor scene face-scan payment High precision
    • Astra+

      Radiate quickly modularization high-definition
    • Astra Mini Pro

      Astra Mini iterative upgrade product
    • K2-L

      Long battery life Ultra-small volume
    • C1-A

      Wide field of vision Hd video intercom
    • U3

      Ultra-low power consumption Ultra-small volume
    • Pictor

      High security BCTC authentication chip Built-in algorithm

    Binocular structured light camera

    • Gemini 2 XL

      Not afraid of bright light Wide measuring range
    • Gemini 2

      Large FOV field of view Self-developed deep engine chip High definition image resolution
    • DaBai DCW 2

      Dual mode switching Zero blind zone
    • DaBai Max

      Largest field of view in the industry Hardware anti-jamming capability
    • Dabai DW

      Large field Angle Self-developed ASIC chip
    • Gemini 2 L

      Motion scene perception Extreme precision Large range measurement
    • Dabai DCW

      Large field Angle High performance output Self-developed ASIC chip
    • Gemini

      Very low power consumption High light resistance Small size

    TOF camera

    • Femto Bolt

      Compact design High precision Multi-machine synchronization
    • Femto Mega I

      High resolution High performance High image quality
    • Femto Mega

      Gold Train compatible Mass production POE network port
    • Femto W

      High image quality Large FOV
    • Femto

      modularization High image quality High precision

    Smart camera

    • Persee N1

      Modular product form High performance 3D vision system NVIDIA edge Computing
    • Persee+

      High performance High image quality

    Laser radar


    Consumer equipment

    • Z1 Face payment terminal

      Small size Alloy body Flexible adaptation
    • T1-Lite facial payment terminal

      Financial payment grade security Plug and play
    • Intelligent vision detector

      self-test Gesture recognition National standard certification

    Industrial grade equipment

    • XTOM scan measurement

      Non-contact industrial blue light measurement
    • Tube Qualify. Tube qualify

      Automatic bend detection
    • XTDIC full-field strain measurement

      Three-dimensional full-field strain deformation and displacement measurement

    Development board

    • Zora E1

      Miniaturized AI visual computing power platform
    • Zora P1

      Customized for 3D vision application development