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  • Scheme overview

    Identity verification solution

    Gold Train offers a financial grade based on face recognitionKYCVerification service, through identity information entry, face live detection, face comparison Gold Train, can quickly verify personnel information, assign personnel rights, ensure property and information security, efficient simplification and open up the whole process, can be widely used in government, hospitals, talent apartments, campuses, industrial parks and other important places.

    Scheme characteristics

    Enabling scene

    Customer case

    The First People's Hospital of Yuhang District, Hangzhou

    The whole process of brushing face for medical treatment

    In 2018, Gold Train helped the First People's Hospital of Yuhang District of Hangzhou to build a "full process face brushing medical treatment", which opened up the whole process from automatic face brushing registration, consultation room face brushing, medical insurance payment, printing settlement sheet and other links, and efficiently simplified the process, which greatly facilitated the medical experience while protecting the property and information security of users. Learn more