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  • Scheme overview

    Facial payment solution

    Gold Train3DFace payment solutions with financial grade commercial strength, crack the tradition2DFace recognition security dilemma, to provide millions of consumers with a safe and convenient "no sense" payment experience.

    For now, the Gold Train3DThe facial payment solution has been popularized in hundreds of cities across the country, covering offline scenes such as supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores.

    Scheme characteristics

    Enabling scene

    Customer case


    Help Alipay take the lead in realizing large-scale commercial use of offline 3D facial payment

    In September 2017, Gold Train partnered with Ant Group to launch a 3D facial payment device. In April 2018, Ant Group and Gold Train jointly invested in Mafengrio. At present, Mafengli has reached cooperation with hundreds of manufacturers such as Shangmi, Youbao, Yitouch, Hisense, Zhongke Yingtai, and Gold Train offline payment 3D vision sensors and equipment shipments exceed one million units. Learn more

    China UnionPay

    3D vision module for the "Face to pay" product

    In October 2019, Gold Train and China UnionPay jointly established the "3D Vision Joint Laboratory ". In the same month, China UnionPay jointly with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and other more than 60 institutions released the "face pay" series of products, a number of 3D face POS machine, 3D payment tablet, 3D face vending machine products equipped with Gold Train3D vision module. Learn more


    Hi Convenience works with Gold Train to make smart retail everywhere

    By carrying the face Pad of Mafengli, a subsidiary of Gold Train, Hi Convenience unmanned retail smart cabinet can bring consumers a convenient shopping experience of "face opening and picking up - closing automatic settlement", and enable traditional retail merchants to achieve quality upgrade and accelerate digital transformation. Learn more