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    High precision and convenient 3D scanning solutions

    Obi focuses on the 3D digitization of objects in everyday life scenes, launches convenient 3D scanning solutions for consumers, and develops handheld scanners.

    The 3D scanner can be used with mobile APP and desktop software to flexibly complete handheld scanning in different lighting levels indoors and outdoors. The scanner is equipped with a special chip for depth calculation developed by the company, which completes the depth calculation directly on the scanner side, greatly reducing the computing power requirements for mobile phones and PCS, and ensuring the fluency of the scanning process.

    The scanner is small, lightweight and suitable for carrying around. It can quickly scan objects such as medium and large furniture and complete small hand modeling with high precision. The scanner is equipped with a high-resolution RGB camera that supports color scanning, and the model can be directly used for 3D printing.

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    Imagine three dimensions

    Help build a new flagship of AI intelligent 3D printing

    Gold Train has helped Create 3D, the world's leading consumer 3D printer brand, to launch a number of new 3D printing and 3D scanning products, including K1 Max flagship 3D printer, CR-Scan Ferret, Nebula Screen +AI Lidar, etc. Learn more


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