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    3D printing precision measurement solutions

    Aiming at the pain points of 3D printing industry such as the difficulty of manual leveling and the poor printing quality of the first layer, Gold Train laser profiler adopts the principle of linear laser 3D imaging ranging, has the advantages of micron level ultra-high precision and high cost performance, and can support three functions of non-contact automatic leveling detection, flow detection and first layer detection, so as to realize one-click printing by users. While greatly reducing the use threshold, it improves the printing accuracy and printing success rate in all aspects and reduces the wire loss.

    At present, Gold Train has reached a cooperation with the consumer desktop printer giant - Creative 3D, to help its high-end printer scale production. The laser profiler in the cooperation between the two parties is small in size, simple and convenient to install, which can support the overall batch shipment of 3D printers, and can also be shipped as a separate part, enabling customers to quickly upgrade 3D printing products.

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    Help build a new flagship of AI intelligent 3D printing

    Gold Train has helped Create 3D, the world's leading consumer 3D printer brand, to launch a number of new 3D printing and 3D scanning products, including K1 Max flagship 3D printer, CR-Scan Ferret, Nebula Screen +AI Lidar, etc. Learn more


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