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    Mobile phone rear iToF solution

    Gold Train self-developedTOFGold Train, which develops a rear position for smartphonesiToFSolution, through a high-performance depth engine,ARApplications, filtering algorithms and other one-stopToFMass production solutions to bring a wealth of smart phonesAIFunctional experience. It is currently the flagship phone of Meizu17Pro18ProCustom developmentToFSolution, implementation3DRevolutionize the user experience.

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    Meizu flagship phone 18Pro

    In 2021, Gold Train will provide a one-stop ToF mass production solution for Meizu's 5G flagship mobile phone 18Pro, further improve the depth engine performance, enhance the mobile phone AR application function, achieve accurate deep focus, and make the image and video show progressive natural fade effect. Learn more


    Meizu flagship phone 17Pro

    In 2020, Gold Train will provide ToF system solutions for Meizu's flagship mobile phone 17Pro. The self-developed ToF depth engine and high-performance filtering algorithm Gold Train will bring optimized 3D depth sensing performance. Learn more