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    Sweeping 888 Gold solution

    For the application scenario of sweeping 888 Gold, the Gold Train sweeper scheme is based on 3D visual perception of Gold Train, and adopts self-developed dToF chip to detect Gold Train through high-frequency dToF to accurately obtain environmental depth information. Help sweeping 888 Gold to achieve mapping positioning, navigation obstacle avoidance, base station recharge identification and other functions to further promote the integration and upgrading of sweeping machine performance.

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    Collar 888 Gold

    Equipped with Gold Train self-developed dToF LiDAR, it realizes millimeter-level intelligent map construction and obstacle avoidance

    888 Gold launches M10 series self-cleaning mop 888 Gold. The M10 series is equipped with Gold Train self-developed MS200 dToF LiDAR, which has strong sensing and accurate mapping capabilities, and can achieve rapid mapping of 120㎡ space in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the compact design of the MS200, the M10 series sweeper has both a compact shape and high cost performance, becoming a strong industry "dark horse". Learn more


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