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  • Scheme overview

    Smart retail solutions

    Gold Train3DPerception Gold Train helps the retail industry to create an integrated online and offline business model, accelerate the upgrading of the consumer market, and provide a human body for traditional retail stores3DFunctions such as scanning and commodity scanning identification bring full interactive scenes to online and offline outlets and promote the transformation of traditional retail to digital and intelligent.

    Scheme characteristics

    Enabling scene

    Customer case


    Self-service vending machine

    Youbao self-service vending machine, through the intelligent lifting head to achieve the sale of special-shaped goods and fragile goods, purchase multiple goods at the same time, humanized right pick up goods, etc. The use of D2 series camera, high light resistance, can meet the complex scene under the face shopping, smooth experience, improve the vending terminal settlement speed. Learn more

    Hangzhou facial pay for the elderly canteen

    3D vision intelligent settlement table

    In August 2019, Gold Train enabled the first face-brushing payment canteen for the elderly in Hangzhou, and launched a 3D visual intelligent settlement table with dual functions of "item recognition" and "face payment", which can be used by diners after they bind their identity data to their citizen card. After taking the meal, the diners only need to stand in front of the smart table, and the system can automatically identify the price of the dishes and the identity of the diners, and automatically complete the settlement deduction within 3 seconds. Learn more