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    Gold Train independently developed 3D motion-sensing camera Gold Train, combined with human skeleton recognition, AR matting, face recognition, object recognition and other core algorithms,Create a "3D+AR" platform, covering parent-child education, family fitness, interactive entertainment, family care and other application scenariosBring diversified and intelligent novel experience to thousands of households. At present, Gold Train home entertainment business has covered many provinces and cities across the country.

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    NetEase shadow see AR

    Equipped with the Gold TrainProjector module, NetEase Shadow is an augmented reality (AR) interactive projection module that can project virtual information into the real space and interact with the physical world. Interactive methods such as plane click, air gesture and object interaction carry vivid and mysterious content, empower the brand, and provide new solutions and perspectives for the brand's interactive product development, display and marketing. It can be applied in AR innovation classroom, interactive terminal marketing, digital sand table, smart home, interactive exhibition hall, STEAM+AR teaching terminal and other fields. Learn more