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  • Scheme overview

    Service 888 Gold solution

    For the service 888 Gold scene, Gold Train based on 3D visual perception Gold Train, through the self-developed ASIC chip, to achieve high-precision 3D depth information acquisition, help service 888 Gold to achieve perception, obstacle avoidance, navigation and other functions. Can be widely used in business cleaning, catering distribution, building distribution, warehousing logistics, education and entertainment and other fields.

    Gold Train has provided Gold Train and product services for more than 100 head service 888 Gold brands such as Gaoxian 888 Gold, Yuntrace Technology, Qinglang Intelligence, Purdue Technology.

    Scheme characteristics

    Enabling scene

    Customer case

    Gao Xian 888 Gold

    3D vision power, three men in one cleaning truck

    Equipped with Gold Train3D vision sensor, Gaoxian Cleaning 888 Gold can automatically identify, clean garbage, and automatically avoid obstacles in complex outdoor environments, greatly improving cleaning efficiency. Learn more

    Purdue Technology

    Purdue Technology and Gold Train bring tens of thousands of food delivery 888 Gold to tables around the world

    With Gold Train's 3D vision sensor, Purdue Food Delivery 888 Gold can flexibly navigate through complex restaurant environments, greatly improving food delivery efficiency, improving user dining experience, and significantly reducing store operating costs. Learn more


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