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  • Scheme overview

    3D scanning solutions

    Gold Train3DVisual Gold Train can not only collect the complete three-dimensional data of people, objects and space in real time, but also combine panoramic pictures and images3DPerfect data fusion display, synchronous generation of people/things/Three-dimensional spatial models and high-definition maps allow users to get an immersive experience, which is used in many fields such as smart logistics, clothing customization, real estate decoration, and online e-commerce.

    Scheme characteristics

    Enabling scene

    Customer case

    Hewlett Packard

    HP 3D scanning machine

    In 2016, Gold Train partnered with HP, and in the same year, Gold Train replaced Intel as HP Sprout Pro G2 all-in-one supplier. Sprout Pro G2 uses the Gold Train3D camera, which is more suitable for short-range scanning, for higher scan accuracy and can support both 3D scanning and projection. At CES2018, HP announced the latest generation of HP Z 3D Camera, which also uses the Gold TrainAstra series 3D camera. Learn more

    Sea shell

    The shell looks like VR house

    The space scanner equipped with the Astra series camera module can scan a set of more than 100 flat houses in 30 minutes, helping the shell house viewing platform to achieve "contact-free" remote house viewing. Through the "VR house ", buyers do not need to queue up, can view the house structure at any time in the shell house APP 360°, can see multiple units within half an hour, and can also share the house map through social platforms, exchange house purchase opinions. Learn more