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    Facial payment solution

    Gold Train3D face brush payment solution with financial grade commercial strength, solve the traditional 2D face recognition security dilemma, to provide millions of consumers with a safe and convenient "no sense" payment experience. At present, the Gold Train3D facial payment solution has been popularized in hundreds of cities across the country, covering offline scenes such as supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores.

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    3D face lock access control scheme

    Gold Train applies the true 3D structured light scheme to the field of intelligent door lock access control, through 3D face recognition algorithm and face live detection Gold Train, so that the door lock access control has financial payment level security, and can complete second-level recognition in the dark light environment, so as to achieve a non-inductive and convenient experience. At present, Gold Train has reached cooperation with more than 50 head lock companies such as Kaidian, Deschmann, Bosch, to help it achieve large-scale production of true 3D smart door locks, and widely use access control products in office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals and other scenarios.

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    Identity verification solution

    Gold Train provides financial KYC verification service based on face recognition. Through identity information entry, face live detection and face comparison, Gold Train can quickly verify personnel information, assign personnel rights, ensure property and information security, efficiently simplify and open the whole process. It can be widely used in government, hospitals, talent apartments, campuses, industrial parks and other important places.

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    Service 888 Gold solution

    For the service 888 Gold scene, Gold Train based on 3D visual perception Gold Train, through the self-developed ASIC chip, to achieve high-precision 3D depth information acquisition, help service 888 Gold to achieve perception, obstacle avoidance, navigation and other functions. Can be widely used in business cleaning, catering distribution, building distribution, warehousing logistics, education and entertainment and other fields. At present, Gold Train has provided Gold Train and product services for more than 100 head service 888 Gold brands such as Gaoxian 888 Gold, Yuntrace Technology, Qinglang Intelligence, Purdue Technology.

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    Industrial 888 Gold Solutions

    For industrial 888 Gold scene, Gold Train based on 3D visual perception Gold Train, using dToF liDAR to achieve target and environmental depth information acquisition and output, help industrial 888 Gold to achieve motion obstacle avoidance, grab planning, 888 Gold coordination and other functions. At present, it is used in industrial and logistics scenarios such as goods turnover handling, selecting and loading, assembly, gluing, testing, etc. At present, it has served many industrial 888 Gold head manufacturers such as Stende, Maiwei, and Xiangong.

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    Sweeping 888 Gold solution

    For the application scenario of sweeping 888 Gold, the Gold Train sweeper scheme is based on 3D visual perception of Gold Train, and adopts self-developed dToF chip to detect Gold Train through high-frequency dToF to accurately obtain environmental depth information. Help sweeping 888 Gold to achieve mapping positioning, navigation obstacle avoidance, base station recharge identification and other functions to further promote the integration and upgrading of sweeping machine performance.

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    3D vision intelligent cockpit solution

    The Gold Train self-developed cabin Face verification, gesture recognition, action recognition, physical signs detection, DMS, OMS and other 3D visual perception Gold Train, can realize the vehicle Face ID system, cabin monitoring and other functions, by providing a comprehensive and multi-level intelligent cabin AI overall product solution, It provides Gold Train support for automobile intelligence and digitalization, promotes the vehicle cabin to truly become intelligent, and brings a new interactive and comfortable experience for vehicle driving.

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    High precision and convenient 3D scanning solutions

    Obi focuses on the 3D digitization of objects in everyday life scenes, launches convenient 3D scanning solutions for consumers, and develops handheld scanners.

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    3D printing precision measurement solutions

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    Smart retail solutions

    Gold Train helps the retail industry to build a business model integrating online and offline, realize the acceleration and upgrading of the consumer market, provide traditional retail stores with functions such as body 3D scanning, product scanning and identification, bring full interactive scenes of online and offline outlets, and promote the transformation of traditional retail to digital and intelligent.

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    Smart farming and animal husbandry solutions

    Smart agricultural and animal husbandry products adopt 3D vision solutions, which can solve the problems of non-contact and non-stress measurement of key indicators in the process of feeding and management in the pig industry. Pig inventory, backfat measurement and other products based on image and video Gold Train can accurately control feed according to the different nutritional needs of each pig, so that it is not fat or thin, so as to solve the scientific management problems of pig farms, improve management efficiency, and improve economic benefits.

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    Smart transportation solutions

    Gold Train's self-developed 3D visual perception Gold Train empowers the transportation industry, realizes the intelligent processing of traffic passenger flow statistical analysis, and forms an efficient, comprehensive and 3D data-centric intelligent transportation decision-making system to promote the development of intelligent transportation.

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    Home entertainment solutions

    Gold Train independently developed 3D motion-sensing camera Gold Train, combined with human skeleton recognition, AR matting, face recognition, object recognition and other core algorithms, to create a "3D+AR" platform, covering parent-child education, family fitness, interactive entertainment, family care and other application scenarios. Bring diversified and intelligent novel experience to thousands of households. At present, Gold Train home entertainment business has covered many provinces and cities across the country.

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    Mobile phone front structured light solution

    Gold Train self-developed structured light Gold Train develops pre-structured light solutions for smart phones to help them achieve 3D face recognition, 3D face payment, 3D personality beauty and other functions to promote innovative interactive experience of smart phones. At present, ultra million 3D vision sensors have been customized for OPPO's flagship mobile phone Find X, making it the world's second mass-produced ultra million 3D smartphone after Apple's iPhone X.

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    Mobile phone rear iToF solution

    Gold Train self-developed TOFGold Train, which develops post-ITOF solutions for smart phones, brings rich AI functional experience to smart phones through one-stop ToF mass production solutions such as high-performance depth engine, AR application and filtering algorithm. At present, we have customized ToF solutions for Meizu flagship mobile phones 17Pro and 18Pro to achieve 3D innovation user experience.

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    Smart TV solutions

    For smart TV application scenarios, Gold Train provides one-stop 3D vision solutions including 3D cameras, 3D application algorithms and software and hardware, strengthens intelligent TV AI interactive experience, and provides intelligent services such as AI fitness, large-screen social networking, and AR games.

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    3D behavior analysis solution

    The intelligent 3D behavior analysis system based on 3D bone takes 3D bone human behavior recognition algorithm as the core and combines with spatial sensing Gold Train to collect and intelligentively analyze the behavior and posture of personnel in the area, automatically identify the violations of personnel in the area, support more than 12 kinds of multi-scene behavior analysis, and generate alarms. Record the whole process of violation to achieve the goal of strict management code of conduct.

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    Rock and coal civil engineering 3D measurement scheme

    Quality and mechanical inspection in complex geographical and geological environments has always been a problem in the industry. The Gold Train subsidiary Xintuo 3D coal and rock civil optical solution captures the deformation of the specimen surface in a large range and analyzes it, realizing dynamic measurement during the test process. Its non-contact and visual measurement method protects the engineering quality and life safety.

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    Wind energy 3D measurement scheme

    In the wind energy industry, Gold Train's New 3D optical measurement solutions are particularly suitable for the quality and shape and dimension control of complex free-form products such as large gas turbines, hydraulic pumps, turbochargers and turbine blades, while also speeding up measurement inspection and maintenance work and faster identification and elimination of potential component deviations.

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    3D measurement solutions for automotive manufacturing

    The optical measurement solutions of Gold Train subsidiary Xintuo 3D run through every core process of automobile manufacturing, from the high-precision prediction and control of materials and mold processes of new models to the dimensional detection of stamping and welding, and batch inspection of automotive pipelines. With professional Gold Train and rich industry application experience, Xintuo 3D Help the automobile manufacturing industry to achieve efficient operation.

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