• Gemini 2 XL

    Orbbec Gemini 2 XL is Gold Train's high standard versatile outdoor and remote 3D camera. It continues the large-field and high-precision characteristics of the Gold TrainGemini 2 series products, even in the face of harsh conditions such as high and low anti-objects, indoor and outdoor light and dark light, it can continue to output complete and accurate depth information, helping the intelligent 888 Gold achieve stable and reliable perception function in complex and changeable environments. Further expand the 888 Gold industry landing scenario. The working distance of the camera is extended to more than 20m, and with the RGB image quality high precision depth image in the full range, it enables the intelligent upgrading and transformation of security monitoring, warehousing and logistics industries.

    The camera has a built-in six-axis IMU, which can realize zero blind zone depth measurement within the working range, provide flexible and rich multi-machine synchronization function, and USB interface and Gigabit Ethernet port that can support PoE function, and flexible and diverse software function configuration, to help products further expand the application scenario.

    Product characteristics

    Specification parameter

    Basic parameter

    Applicable environment

    Full scene

    Maximum operating range

    0.4 - 20m+

    Recommended scope of work

    0.4 - 10m


    Triaxial acceleration & triaxial angular velocity

    UVC camera

    Support USB 2.0


    Orbbec SDK

    Depth parameter

    Deep Gold Train

    Structured light enhanced binocular

    Binocular baseline


    Relative accuracy of RMSE

    <2% (1280 x 800@4m & 81% RoI)

    Depth FoV

    H91° / V66° / D101° ± 3° @2m

    Depth image

    Resolution @ frame rate

    Unbinned Dense Default & Unbinned Sparse Default:

    1280 x 800@5/10fps ;640 x 400@5/10ps

    Binned Sparse Default:

    640 x 400@5/10/15/20fps

    Depth sensor

    Shutter mode

    Global Shutter

    Infrared parameter

    Infrared camera FoV

    H94° / V68° / D104° ± 3°

    Infrared image

    Resolution @ frame rate

    Unbinned Dense Default & Unbinned Sparse Default:

    1280x800@5/10fps MJPEG & Y8;640x400@5/10fps MJPEG & Y8

    Binned Sparse Default:

    640x400@5/10/15/20fps MJPEG & Y8

    Infrared sensor

    Shutter mode

    Global Shutter

    RGB parameter

    Color camera FoV

    H94° / V68° / D104° ± 3°

    Color image

    Resolution @ frame rate

    Unbinned Dense Default & Unbinned Sparse Default:

    1280x800@5/10fps MJPEG

    640x400@5/10fps MJPEG & YUYV

    1280x720@5/10fps MJPEG

    640x360@5/10fps MJPEG & YUYV

    800x600@5/10fps MJPEG

    Binned Sparse Default:

    1280x800@5/10/15/20fps MJPEG

    640x400@5/10/15/20fps MJPEG & YUYV

    1280x720@5/10/15/20fps MJPEG

    640x360@5/10/15/20fps MJPEG & YUYV

    800x600@5/10/15/20fps MJPEG

    Color sensor

    Shutter mode

    Global Shutter

    Electrical parameter

    Power supply suggestion


    PoE:802.3at(30W max)

    Power dissipation

    DC: Maximum peak value: < 12W; Maximum average: < 7W

    PoE: Maximum peak value: < 13W; Maximum average: < 8W

    Physical parameter

    Operating temperature

    0 - 40℃


    Camera assembly: 124 x 29 x 26mm ± 0.5mm

    Power box assembly: 130 x 71 x 22.5mm ± 0.2mm

    Machine weight

    Camera assembly: 152g ± 2g

    Power box component: 279g ± 3g

    Data and power ports

    Power Supply: DC & PoE(PoE version only)

    Data: USB 2.0 Type-C & Gigabit Ethernet

    Synchronization port of multiple machines

    8-pin base (to be used with external cable)

    Installation mode

    Camera components:

    Bottom installation: 1x 14-20unc screw hole

    Rear mounting: 2x M3 screw hole

    Power box components:

    Bottom mounting: 4x M3 screw hole

    Application scenario