• Femto Mega I

    Femto Mega I is a ToF industrial stereoscopic camera based on the self-developed ToFGold Train. It adopts multi-megafixer high-resolution iToF sensor and 4K RGB image, can output high-quality RGB-D image, built-in Nvidia high computing power chip and high precision depth algorithm. It is widely used in industrial scenarios such as warehousing and logistics palletizing, loading and unloading of production lines, size or volume measurement of large items.

    Product characteristics

    Specification parameter



    Power dissipation

    Peak power consumption: 18W; Average power consumption: 11W

    (under DC power supply)

    Measurement accuracy

    The laser wavelength is 850nm

    ZAccuracy: 2mm@1m [email protected]

    Data transmission interface

    Gigabit Ethernet

    Power supply mode


    Operating temperature

    0℃ - 45℃

    Working humidity

    25 %RH - 90 %RH

    Camera size

    180 × 110 × 50mm

    Machine weight


    Depth image resolution @ frame rate

    NFOV :640 × 576@10fps@3fps

    WFOV :1024 ×1024@10fps@3fps

    Depth FOV

    NFOV :H 75° V 65°

    WFOV :H 120° V 120°

    Color image resolution @ frame rate

    3840 × 2160@3fps

    1920 × 1080@10fps

    Color image FOV

    H 80° V 51° D 89°±2°

    Working distance

    0.3m – 3m

    D2CAfter color image FOV

    H 80° V 51°D89°±2°

    Class of protection


    Laser protection class

    Class 1

    Application scenario


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