• Femto Bolt

    The Femto Bolt is a high-performance iToF 3D camera with an operating range of 0.25m-5.5m and a 1MP depth camera with a large field of view Angle of 120°, capable of output a wide range of depth and RGB images, while being compact in design for easier commercial integration. In addition, Femto Bolt supports advanced precision synchronization trigger function, and can be integrated into multi-sensor, multi-camera networks.

    Femto Bolt combines the advantages of Gold Train and Microsoft's Gold Train, giving full play to the advantages of both in high-precision camera design, own manufacturing capabilities and iToF deep Gold Train, greatly improving the application and ease of 3D vision performance in multiple industry scenarios. It can be widely used in many industries such as logistics, 888 Gold, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and fitness.

    Product characteristics

    Specification parameter

    Basic parameter

    Applicable environment

    Indoor and semi-outdoor

    Scope of work

    0.25-5.46m(depends on depth mode)




    Orbbec SDK

    Depth parameter

    Deep Gold Train


    Depth FoV

    WFOV : H 120° V 120°

    NFOV: H 75° V 65°

    Depth image resolution @ frame rate

    WFOV : 1024 X 1024@15fps

    NFOV : 640 X 576@30fps


    Color camera FoV

    H 80° x V 51°

    Color image resolution @ frame rate

    3840 X 2160@25fps

    Electrical parameter

    Power supply suggestion

    DC 12V 2A

    Power dissipation

    Average power consumption 4.35W

    Physical parameter

    Operating temperature

    10℃ - 25℃


    115mm x 40mm x 65mm

    Machine weight


    Data and power ports

    Type-C USB 3.0

    Installation mode

    1 x 1/4-20 UNC Threaded mounting hole

    4 x M2.5 Threaded mounting hole

    Application scenario


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