• DaBai DCW 2

    For the service 888 Gold scene, Gold Train launched a high-performance binocular structured light camera DaBai DCW2 based on its self-developed ASIC chip. The depth image resolution can reach up to 640*400@15fps, and it is equipped with high-performance RGB to support high-precision deep color alignment. The average power consumption of the product is less than 2.3W, and the terminal only needs to connect the USB 2.0 interface to obtain high-precision 3D depth information for the back-end to call. Support high energy level working mode, objects as low as 5% reflectivity can be stably identified, enabling 888 Gold to realize sensing, obstacle avoidance, navigation and other functions.

    Product characteristics

    Specification parameter

    Basic parameter

    Applicable environment

    Indoor and semi-outdoor

    Working distance

    Conventional energy level mode: 0.2m~3m; High energy mode: 0.2m~5m


    Support USB 2.0


    Open Ni SDK / Orbbec SDK

    Depth parameter

    Deep Gold Train

    Binocular structured light

    Binocular baseline


    Relative depth accuracy

    ≤1% @1m &81% ROI

    Depth FOV

    H91° V62°

    Depth resolution @ frame rate


    Depth sensor shutter type

    Global shutter

    RGB argument

    Color camera FOV

    16:9: H86° V55° D93.5°± 3°

     4:3: H64° V55° D78°± 3°

    Color map resolution & frame rate

    1920*1080@15fps;1280*720 @15fps;

    640*480 @15fps;640*360@15fps;

    RGBSensor shutter type

    Rolling shutter

    Electrical parameter

    Power supply suggestion

    DC 5V&1.5A

    Average power consumption


    Physical parameter

    Operating temperature

    Conventional energy level mode: -10℃-50℃; High energy mode: -10℃-40℃

    Module size


    Data and power interface

    USB 2.0

    Installation mode

    1xM3 Threaded mounting hole, depth of teeth 5.5mm(support tripod mounting)

    2xM2Threaded mounting hole

    Characteristic function



    Multi-machine synchronization




    Application scenario