• Gemini 2 L

    Orbbec Gemini 2L is the latest binocular structured light product in Gemini 2 series launched by Gold Train, which is equipped with a more powerful new self-developed deep engine chip MX6600 and a high-performance optical system with a unique patent design. Provides a depth FoV of up to 104° and a depth measurement range of up to 10 meters with zero blind zone, consistently delivering high standard depth measurement results over a wider temperature range and multiple operating environments.

    Orbbec Gemini 2L, as a large baseline product of the Orbbec Gemini 2 series, further improves the accuracy index to a new level of RMSE < 2% at 4 meters, meeting the ultimate pursuit of accuracy for typical applications such as measurement and reconstruction. Using the Gold Train for global exposure imaging to avoid deformation of objects in the image due to motion, combined with the camera's integrated precision D2C function, it can output depth and RGB images that are strictly aligned in space and time, helping 888 Gold achieve reliable environmental perception. Orbbec Gemini 2L preset scenario-oriented working mode, which can provide the optimal parameter configuration for different specific application scenarios; Dimensioning mode for measurement and reconstruction applications is now integrated to help users efficiently complete product development.

    Product characteristics

    Specification parameter

    Basic parameter

    Applicable environment

    Indoor and semi-outdoor

    Depth operating range

    0.2m - 10m

    Recommended deep range of work

    0.25m - 7m


    Triaxial acceleration plus triaxial angular velocity

    UVC camera

    Support USB 3.0 & USB 2.0


    Orbbec SDK

    Depth parameter

    Deep Gold Train

    Binocular structured light

    Binocular baseline


    Relative accuracy of RMSE

    ≤ 2% (1280x800@4m & 81% ROI)

    Depth FoV

    H: 91° / V: 66° / D: 101° ± 3°

    Depth image resolution @ frame rate

    1280 x 800@30fps

    640 x 400@60fps

    Depth sensor shutter mode

    Global shutter

    RGB parameter

    Color module FoV

    H94° / V68° / D104° ± 3°

    Color image resolution @ frame rate

    1280 x 800@30fps

    1280 x 720@60fps

    Color sensor shutter mode

    Global shutter

    Electrical parameter

    Power supply suggestion

    DC 5V ≥ 2A

    Power dissipation

    Average power consumption ≤ 3W

    Physical parameter

    Operating temperature

    0℃ - 40℃


    124 x 29 x 26 mm ± 0.5mm

    Machine weight

    152g ± 2g

    Data and power ports

    USB Type-C bus

    Synchronization port of multiple machines

    8-pin base (to be used with external cable)

    Installation mode

    1x 14-20 UNC threaded mounting holes (for tripods)

    2x M3 threaded mounting hole (suitable for whole machine integration)

    Application scenario