• Astra 2

    Orbbec Astra 2 is a new generation monocular structured light 3D camera from Gold Train. As a new flagship product, Orbbec Astra 2 is equipped with a new self-developed deep engine chip MX6600, which is more powerful. Based on the extensive application experience of the original Astra series cameras, the new monocular structured light 3D camera has comprehensively upgraded the optical system while retaining the original FoV, depth measurement range and other classic specifications, focusing on improving measurement accuracy and stability, and can provide stable depth measurement performance at 1m RMSE < 1.5mm at a variety of ambient temperatures.

    Orbbec Astra 2, as a new industry leader, provides real-time high-resolution depth measurement mode, depth image resolution and frame rate up to 1600 x 1200@30fps, and supports 1920 x 1080@30fps color image output, bringing high standard color and depth data to users. It can be widely used in volume measurement, somatosensory interaction, indoor scanning and other industry scenarios.

    Orbbec Astra 2 has powerful and rich features: support UVC protocol, can provide users with more convenient use; Support hardware D2C, so that the depth information under different resolutions and color information space alignment, saving the host computer resources; Support inertial sensing function, which can sense the movement and rotation of the camera itself, so as to achieve the pose tracking function; Support depth and RGB frame synchronization, as well as multi-machine synchronization function, flexible configuration and easy to achieve multi-machine combination, to solve the common 3D camera multi-machine interference problem, expand the FoV and measurement range.

    Product characteristics

    Specification parameter

    Basic parameter

    Applicable environment

    Indoor and semi-outdoor

    Maximum depth working range

    0.6m - 8m

    Recommended deep range of work

    0.6m - 5m


    Triaxial acceleration plus triaxial angular velocity

    UVC camera

    Support USB 3.0 & USB 2.0


    Orbbec SDK

    Depth parameter

    Deep Gold Train

    Monocular structured light

    Base line


    Relative accuracy of RMSE

    ≤0.15%(800 x 600 @ 1m & 81% ROI)

    Depth FoV*1

    H58.2° / V45.2° / D69.6° ±3°@1m

    Depth image resolution @ frame rate


    640x480 @30fps

    Depth sensor shutter mode

    Global shutter

    RGB parameter

    Color module FoV*1

    16:9 H74.7° / V46.2° / D82.3°±3°
    4:3  H59.6° / V46.2° / D71.1°±3°

    Color image resolution @ frame rate

    Supports up to 1920x1080@30 fps

    Color sensor shutter mode

    Rolling shutter

    Electrical parameter

    Power supply suggestion

    DC 5V &  ≥1.5A

    Power dissipation

    Average power consumption ≤3.0W

    Physical parameter

    Operating temperature

    0℃ -35 ℃ (no external heat dissipation)


    144.54 x 34.61 x 35.79 mm (without base)

    144.54 x 45.35 x 38.64 mm (with base)

    Machine weight

    195.2±5g(without base)

    240.8±5g(with base)

    Data and power ports

    USB Type-C bus

    Synchronization port of multiple machines

    8-pin base (to be used with external cable)

    Installation mode

    1x 14-20 UNC threaded mounting holes (for tripods)

    2x M3 threaded mounting hole (suitable for whole machine integration)


    *1, H-FoV= horizontal field of view, V-FoV = vertical field of view, D-FoV = diagonal field of view

    Application scenario