• Gemini 2

    Orbbec Gemini 2 is a binocular structured light 3D camera equipped with Gold Train's new depth engine chip MX6600, with three depth operating modes to provide high-quality depth data for a variety of application scenarios. It provides a wide field of view, depth image measurement range up to 0.15-10m, integrated auxiliary point ranging function, can achieve up to 10m range of zero blind area depth measurement.

    Gemini 2 is small and powerful, with a built-in six-axis IMU and integrated hardware D2C functionality (Depth aligned with RGB images in pixels), which significantly reduces the computing power requirements on the upper computer. It also supports flexible multi-machine synchronization for a larger field of view and more complete data, which can be easily applied to a variety of perception and measurement solutions.

    Product characteristics

    Specification parameter

    Basic parameter

    Applicable environment

    Indoor and semi-outdoor

    Recommended scope of work

    0.2m - 5m


    Triaxial acceleration plus triaxial angular velocity

    UVC camera

    Support USB 3.0 & USB 2.0


    Orbbec SDK

    Depth parameter

    Deep Gold Train

    Binocular structured light

    Binocular baseline


    Relative depth accuracy

    ≤ 2% (1280x800@2m & 81% ROI)

    Minimum depth *1


    Depth image: 0.15m


    Deep operation mode

    Unbinned Dense Default: Precision and quality priority

    Unbinned Sparse Default: Balance quality and power consumption to improve low inverse and semi-outdoor effects

    Binned Sparse Default: low power consumption, small blind area, high frame rate

    Depth FoV*2

    H: 91° / V: 66° / D: 101° ± 3°@2m

    Depth image resolution @ frame rate *3

    1280 x 800@30fps

    640 x 400@60fps

    Depth sensor shutter mode

    Global shutter

    RGB parameter

    Color camera FoV*2

    16:9  H: 86° / V: 55° / H: 94° ± 3°

    4:3  H: 63° / V: 50° / D: 75° ± 3°

    Color image resolution @ frame rate *4

    1920 x 1080@30fps

    1280 x 720@60fps

    Color sensor shutter mode

    Rolling shutter

    Electrical parameter

    Power supply suggestion

    DC 5V &  ≥1.5A

    Power dissipation

    Average power consumption < 2.5W

    Physical parameter

    Operating temperature

    0℃ - 40℃


    90 x 25 x 30 mm ± 0.5mm

    Data and power ports

    USB Type-C bus

    Synchronization port of multiple machines

    8-Pin base (to be used with external cable)

    Installation mode

    1x 14-20 UNC threaded mounting holes (for tripods)

    2x M3 threaded mounting hole (suitable for whole machine integration)


    *1, the minimum distance of depth output image is 0.15m, but in the blind area of the eyes, without depth image output, supplemented by LDP point ranging, point distance data can be output, unit 1mm.

    *2, H = horizontal FoV, V = Vertical FoV, D = Diagonal FoV

    *3, USB 3.0 support depth 1280x800@30fps and RGB 1920x1080@30fps output at the same time.

    *4, BS mode, USB 3.0 support depth 640x400@60fps and RGB 1280x720@60fps output at the same time.

    Application scenario


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