• Femto Mega

    As a new generation of iToF camera jointly launched by Gold Train and Microsoft and NVIDIA, Femto Mega integrates NVIDIA computing power and Microsoft deep engine Gold Train, the machine has the advantage of high versatility, the integrated deep computing power does not require additional computing power, in addition to supporting POE network interface, the machine has more full functions and more powerful performance. At present, it can achieve large-scale and stable mass production, which can meet the needs of logistics, robotic arms, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and sports and fitness application scenarios.

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    Product characteristics

    Specification parameter



    Depth measuring range

    NFOV unbinned:0.5m – 3.86m

    NFOV binned:0.5m – 5.46m

    WFOV unbinned:0.25m – 2.88m

    WFOV binned:0.25m – 2.21m

    Relative measurement accuracy

    The laser wavelength is 850nm, the ambient light is 2.2μWcm2nm, and the surface reflectivity of the object is 15% to 95%

    Relative accuracy: random error standard deviation ≤17mm

    Absolute accuracy: Typical system error < 11 mm + 0.1% distance (no multipath interference)

    Depth image resolution @ frame rate

    NFoV unbinned:640 x 576@5/15/25/30fps NFoV binned:320 x 288@5/15/25/30fps WFoV unbinned:1024 x1024@5/15fps WFoV binned:512 x 512@5/15/25/30

    Depth FOV

    NFoV unbinned & binned:H 75° V 65° WFoV unbinned & binned:H 120° V 120°

    Color image resolution @ frame rate

    3840 x 2160@5/15fps




    1280 x 960@5/15/25/30fps

    Color image FOV

    H 80° V 51° D89°±2°

    Data transmission interface

    Type-C USB 3.0

    Gigabit Ethernet

    8 Pin-Connector

    Micro USB

    Working mode

    Working mode 1: DC power supply +Type-C data transmission Working mode 2: Type-C power supply +Type-C data transmission *

    Working mode 3: POE power supply + Gigabit Ethernet data transmission

    Operating temperature

    10℃ - 25℃

    Working humidity

    25 %RH - 90 %RH


    Class1 laser

    Application scenario


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