• Gold Train Type:
    • All
    • Monocular structured light
    • Binocular structured light
    • TOF
    • Laser radar
    • Industrial grade equipment
    • Consumer equipment
    • 3D vision development board
    Applicable industry:
    • All
    • 888 Gold
    • Three-dimensional scanning
    • payment
    • Security and protection
    • Cell phone
    • television
    • CARS
    • education
    • industry
    • other
    • Gemini 2 XL

      Not afraid of bright light Wide measuring range
    • Gemini 2

      Large FOV field of view Self-developed deep engine chip High definition image resolution
    • DaBai DCW 2

      Dual mode switching Zero blind zone
    • Persee N1

      Modular product form High performance 3D vision system NVIDIA edge Computing
    • DaBai Max

      Largest field of view in the industry Hardware anti-jamming capability
    • Femto Bolt

      Compact design High precision Multi-machine synchronization
    • Astra 2

      Ultra-high resolution Accurate and stable D2C space-time alignment
    • D-Light

      Outdoor scene face-scan payment High precision
    • Astra+

      Radiate quickly modularization high-definition
    • Femto Mega I

      High resolution High performance High image quality
    • Dabai DW

      Large field Angle Self-developed ASIC chip
    • Gemini 2 L

      Motion scene perception Extreme precision Large range measurement