• Master 3D sensing full stack Gold Train capability

    System design

    Chip design

    Algorithm development

    Optical design

    Software development

    Mass production of Gold Train

    3D vision sensor system design Gold Train

    Relying on long-term theoretical accumulation and deep understanding of application scenario requirements and problems, Gold Train independently designed and developed five kinds of 3D vision sensing systems, namely structured light, binocular, iToF, dToF and Lidar, through system simulation, modeling, design planning of core optics and electronic components, etc., which can meet the needs of different application scenarios. And to achieve continuous optimization iteration and innovation, has also developed and reserve the enhanced iToF system based on spot projection, under the screen structured light system and scaffoldless structured light system and other system solutions.

    Consumer application equipment system design Gold Train

    According to the application requirements in the consumer field, such as facial payment, body scanning and other actual requirements for 3D visual perception, Gold Train carries out customized design and development from the system side. By integrating 3D vision sensors and the software and hardware environment of consumer applications, Gold Train has developed a number of consumer application complete systems.

    Industrial application equipment system design Gold Train

    Based on the support of the industrial field for micro-deformation, high-precision topography and bending measurement, Gold Train carries out customized design and development from the system side with the help of the accumulation of Gold Train in digital image correlation and structured light three-dimensional measurement. We independently designed and developed 3D optical scanning measuring system, 3D full-field strain measuring and analysis system and 3D optical bending measuring system and other industrial application machine systems.