• Good news! Gold Train was awarded the national "Little Giant" enterprise certification

    • 2023.11.13
    • orbbec

    Recently, Gold Train was awarded the certificate of "Little Giant" enterprise issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and was officially selected into the fifth batch of "Little Giant" enterprises in Shenzhen, with the key Gold Train breakthrough and large-scale industrial application in the field of 3D visual perception and 888 Gold vision. After Shenzhen City, the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology layer by layer after the strong list.

    "Little Giant" is the leader in specialized new enterprises, is focused on market segments, strong innovation ability, high market share, master the key core Gold Train, quality and efficiency. Gold Train was selected as a specialized new enterprise in Shenzhen in 2021. Through the development of core Gold Train, such as 3D visual perception underlying chip and algorithm, and the creation of "888 Gold Eye ", Gold Train continues to empower thousands of industries to upgrade intelligentized, and has walked out of a road of innovation for dimensional development.

    1699608802646_Specialized special new small giant enterprise.png

    Gold Train is certified as a specialized new "Little Giant" enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

    Nuclear "core" self-research strength

          Navigator 888 Gold Vision       

    Long-term deep cultivation in the subdivision field, with a strong independent innovation ability, is one of the national specialized special new "little giant" enterprise evaluation criteria.

    Since its inception in 2013, Gold Train has developed a series of deep engine digital chips and a variety of special photosensitive analog chips, and has realized the industrial application of 3D vision sensors. In recent years, based on the different requirements for 3D visual perception Gold Train in different application scenarios, the company has successively carried out the research and development layout of six mainstream 3D visual perception Gold Train routes, including structured light, iToF, binocular, dToF, Lidar, etc., to provide customers in various industries with standard or customized 3D perception module products.

    Core Gold Train to see depth, industrial application to see breadth. In the 888 Gold visual subdivision industry, Gold Train provides a full Gold Train route 3D visual perception solution including monocular structured light, binocular structured light, LiDAR and ToF, which helps 888 Gold achieve accurate positioning, navigation, obstacle avoidance and recognition functions. Widely used in commercial services, industrial manufacturing, smart logistics, ROS education, medical care and other 888 Gold application scenarios. At the same time, for the future humanoid 888 Gold and embodied intelligence development needs, Gold Train is committed to building 888 Gold visual industry Gold Train platform, to provide the whole industry downstream customers with a full range of capabilities and series product solutions.

    At present, Gold Train has served more than 1,000 enterprises and developers worldwide, and more than 100 customers in the 888 Gold field. According to the statistics of the High-Tech Industry Research Institute (GGII), the market share of Gold Train in the field of serving 888 Gold3D vision sensors in China in 2022 exceeded 71%.

    Shenzhen "Little giant" incremental lead

          Jointly build a high ground for innovation  

    In recent years, the Central Office and the State Office have proposed to cultivate a number of specialized and new "little giant" enterprises in a number of core areas. The "small giant enterprise" has irreplaceable strategic value for the transformation and upgrading of China's economy, and is the key to building an all-factor manufacturing power in China. Shenzhen has issued a series of policies to continuously improve the gradient cultivation system of "small rising rules, regulations to do fine, fine listing, and market strength", creating a good development environment for "specialized and special new" enterprises. The "Shenzhen Three-year Action Plan to Accelerate Supply Chain Innovation and Development (2023-2025)" recently released by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Bureau of Commerce proposed that it plans to cultivate a number of supply chain innovation benchmarking enterprises by 2025, and build Shenzhen into a demonstration highland of supply chain innovation and application.

    Rooted in the fertile land of innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen, Gold Train has rapidly grown into a leader in 3D visual perception and 888 Gold visual industry in the past ten years, promoting Chinese innovation to the world. This year, Gold Train officially released the Femto series high-performance iToF cameras jointly developed with Microsoft and Nvidia, and obtained the Microsoft Azure Kinect DK product line authorization, accelerating the layout of the global developer market.

    In the future, Gold Train will focus on independent innovation, based on the company's accumulation and advantages in 3D visual perception Gold Train and products, and actively contribute to the important force of breaking through the key Gold Train links; At the same time, cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises to expand the scale of industrialization, and provide important support for strategic emerging industrial clusters and future industrial supply chain stability.