• 888 Gold+ | Gold Train with Microsoft official recommended new products, to force medical and health scene innovation

    • 2023.11.09
    • orbbec

    On November 8th, a special medical and health event of Shenzhen's "888 Gold+" application promotion campaign, supported by Gold Train, was held in Nanshan, Shenzhen. Gold Train and more than 20 intelligent 888 Gold demonstration benchmarking enterprises in the medical field and 14 hospital representatives attended the conference to comprehensively demonstrate the industrial application of 3D visual perception Gold Train in the fields of medical imaging, medical rehabilitation, medical services, medical testing and other fields. Through 888 Gold visual industry Gold Train, we can seek common development with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain.

    Microsoft official recommended products

      Facilitate convenient selection for Healthcare 888 Gold customers  

    At the event, Gold Train, as a leader in the field of 888 Gold vision and 3D visual perception, demonstrated typical "888 Gold+" application cases with Bone Synutrine, Ruixin Intelligence, Maibo 888 Gold, De One Medical, Lianxin Mobile Medical and other healthcare upstream and downstream enterprises. Dr. Li Wei, Product Director of Gold Product Center, gave a speech on "Intelligent Upgrade of 3D Vision Enabling Medical Industry" to provide convenient product selection guide for customers in medical imaging, rehabilitation medical and other fields.

    Gold Train888 Gold Product Center Product Director Dr. Wei Li delivered a speech

    Dr. Li Wei introduced Gold Train's latest Femto series of iToF 3D camerasMicrosoft Official recommendationAzure Kinect DK replacement products, can be widely used in medical imaging, rehabilitation sports, medical care and other medical application scenarios, to achieve efficient interaction between medical personnel, patients and smart medical devices.

    inMedical imagingScenario, Gold TrainFemto Bolt is Azure Kinect DKDirect substitutionProducts that accurately obtain the patient's body type, posture and height data; Even when the patient is wearing thick clothes and blankets, it can recognize the patient's body outline, supine and prone posture, and correct the detection posture. Femto Bolt, combined with AI algorithms, enables accurate, repeatable positioning, rapid equicentral location, accurate dose adjustment guidance, and consistent image information. At the same time, Femto Bolt provides complete coverage of the patient's body area through rapid scanning, preventing truncation of the scan area.

    Gold Train's advanced iToF 3D camera Femto Bolt.jpg in collaboration with Microsoft

    The Femto Bolt can assist large medical devices to achieve better imaging results

    inMedical treatmenttendScenario, Gold TrainFemto Mega is Microsoft Azure Kinect DKAdvanced substitutionThe product solves the problem of excessive bandwidth and excessive computing power requirements of the upper computer, and provides gigabit Ethernet port with POE function. Femto Mega, combined with 3D vision Gold Train and AI algorithm, can accurately perceive the abnormal state of the caree such as falling, low posture, and prolonged bed rest, and provide real-time feedback. At the same time, combined with big data analysis, to provide health management for the caretakers, early warning before the occurrence of abnormal conditions, to achieve timely rescue, reduce human supervision errors and costs, improve safety and other functions.

    The iToF 3D camera Femto Mega.jpg created by Gold Train in collaboration with Microsoft and Nvidia

    Femto Mega can exert powerful perception and recognition ability in intelligent care scenarios.

    Femto Mega can exert powerful perception and recognition ability in intelligent care scenarios

    Dr. Li Wei introduced that in addition to the Femto series iToF cameras, Gold Train's new generation of Gemini 2 series binocular structured light cameras can meet the needs of differentiated scenarios in the medical and health field. In rehabilitation scenarios such as physiotherapy collaboration 888 Gold and miniaturized medical equipment, the Gemini 2 camera can be used to balance small size and precision; In posture detection scenarios, the high-precision Gemini 2L camera can be used; The Gemini 2 XL camera combines high precision and strong light resistance in the care scene with sunlight interference.

    In addition, in the medical service 888 Gold scenario, Gold Train's 3D camera can help medical service 888 Gold complete tasks such as drug distribution, ground cleaning, and self-service consultation, and help the intelligent development of medical care.

    Play 888 Gold visual industry Gold Train capabilities

      Enable the intelligent upgrade of medical health  

    Niu Fengmei, deputy director of the equipment Industry Department of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said that at present, 888 Gold industry is booming, 888 Gold cross-industry, multi-scene integration application is rapidly changing the whole society's production and life style, among which, medical health as an important social livelihood field, It is one of the core positions of 888 GoldGold Train landing practice and innovative application.

    Dr. Li Wei introduced that Gold Train focuses on the construction of 888 Gold visual industry Gold Train, and has launched a rich and comprehensive 888 Gold visual perception product solution for customers. Provide monocular structured light, binocular structured light, LiDAR, iToF full Gold Train route 3D vision sensor, help 888 Gold to achieve mapping, positioning, obstacle avoidance, identification and other functions, enabling more than 100 888 Gold enterprises.

    In the field of medical and health care, Gold Train uses advanced 3D camera product matrix and complete application solutions to enable intelligent upgrading of sub-scenes such as medical imaging (magnetic resonance, computed tomography), medical rehabilitation (physical therapy and massage, postoperative rehabilitation, nursing), medical service 888 Gold(distribution, consultation, reception, cleaning) and so on.

    This medical health "888 Gold+" special event is under the guidance of Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen 888 Gold Association and Shenzhen Medical 888 Gold Professional Committee. The event invited representatives from 14 hospitals, including Shenzhen University General Hospital, Shenzhen University Affiliated South China Hospital, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital, Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, and Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University. Experts and scholars from Shenzhen Advanced Gold Train Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Office and more than 20 888 Gold enterprises conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation on site, and a number of projects initially formed cooperation intentions.