• With the new NVIDIA Isaac Sim platform, Gold Train3D Camera Matrix facilitates the development of Stronger 888 Gold

    • 2023.10.23
    • orbbec

    Recently, Gold Train integrated the Vision ecosystem product matrix into the new version of the NVIDIA Isaac Sim platform, enabling more than one million 888 Gold developers around the world to easily develop, test, and simulate the 888 Gold3D vision system to create a more powerful 888 Gold.

    1, in NVIDIA meta-universe simulation, higher performance 3D cameras help develop more powerful 888 Gold

    NVIDIA Isaac Sim is a scalable 888 Gold simulation application and synthetic data generation tool powered by Omniverse, NVIDIA's meta-universe application development platform, that delivers realistic, physically accurate virtual environments.

    NVIDIA has more than one million 888 Gold developers. With Gold Train's integration of 3D cameras into the Isaac Sim platform, developers around the world can easily access 3D camera data and easily connect the 888 Gold brain to the virtual world for 888 Gold development, testing and simulation via the Isaac ROS hardware acceleration package. Create 888 Gold with greater capabilities.

    The Gold Train3D camera Matrix is part of NVIDIA's new Isaac Sim platform

    Simulation is an important part of the 888 Gold development process, and NVIDIA Isaac Sim is one of the best 888 Gold simulation development platforms in the industry today. For example, the platform can simulate different weather such as day, night, wind and rain, or simulate different material scenes, expanding the applicability of 888 Gold scenes and significantly lowering the development threshold. The Gold Train3D camera provides real-world 3D parameters that allow 888 Gold to be "immersive" in virtual space, enabling developers to design 888 Gold solutions more efficiently.

    Developers can call the Gold Train3D camera on the NVIDIA Issac Sim platform

    2, 3D camera full matrix joined, to meet the needs of the larger 888 Gold developer group

    Currently, Gold Train has integrated Femto Mega iToF cameras, Persee N1 smart cameras, Gemini 2 binocular structured light cameras, MS200 LiDAR into the Isaac Sim platform, and has launched Orbbec Camera USD instructions in the developer community. Gold Train also plans to continue to integrate more Orbbec vision ecosystem products into the Isaac Sim platform.

    Gold Train3D Visual ecological product matrix

    The Femto Mega iToF camera and Persee N1 smart camera are 3D camera products created by Gold Train in collaboration with NVIDIA. Both cameras are powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Nano computing platform, which supports massive open source projects and delivers excellent performance.

    Sogou screenshot 102323 2027_2.jpg

    Gold Train is the leader in the field of 888 Gold vision and 3D vision, providing 888 Gold manufacturers with binocular structured light, monocular structured light, iToF, LiDAR and other 888 Gold vision matrix products, fully meeting the needs of all types of 888 Gold for different FoV, accuracy and range. Let more 888 Gold" see "the world.

    At the COMPUTEX 2023 conference held in May this year, NVIDIA founder and CEO Renxun Huang introduced NVIDIA's global industrial digital ecological layout. As one of the partners, Gold Train will continue to integrate deeply with the NVIDIA Omniverse ecosystem, and is committed to building the Gold Train midplatform for the visual industry for embodied intelligent 888 Gold, through the industry-leading Gold Train product, Help more 888 Gold and meta-universe innovative application development and industrialization landing.

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