• Following Microsoft Azure Kinect, Gold Train3D camera Femto Bolt is on sale worldwide!

    • 2023.10.17
    • orbbec

    Today, the advanced iToF 3D camera Femto Bolt, jointly created by Gold Train and Microsoft, is officially launched worldwide. As an official Microsoft recommended Azure Kinect Developer Kit(hereinafter referred to as "Azure Kinect DK") replacement product, Femto Bolt has the same depth module and performance, and based on the new design, smaller size, higher picture quality, more accurate synchronization. It is widely used in 3D vision application scenarios such as high-precision industrial robot arm grasping, volume measurement, collaborative 888 Gold, 3D human body reconstruction, etc.

    Microsoft officially recommended to undertake Azure Kinect developer market

    On August 18 of this year, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of Azure Kinect DK, authorized the transfer of the Gold Train product line to partner Gold Train, and recommended that developers consider choosing the Gold TrainFemto family of products. These include Femto Bolt, Femto Mega, and Femto Mega I.


    Femto Bolt, created by Gold Train and Microsoft, is officially available for sale

    Femto Bolt, which has just been launched for sale in China, continues Microsoft ToF depth sensing Gold Train, which is consistent with Azure Kinect DK in depth mode and performance, and integrates a variety of sensing modules including multi-mode depth image module, color image module and inertial sensor.

    Note: Gold TrainFemto Bolt integrates multiple sensing modules.

    Gold TrainFemto Bolt integrates multiple sensing modules

    Gold Train integrates two SDKS for Femto Bolt: Orbbec SDK and Orbbec SDK K4A Wrapper, allowing developers to seamlessly replace the Azure Kinect DK.

    The Orbbec SDK helps developers fully experience the power of the Femto Bolt 3D camera and easily develop a variety of applications. Since Gold Train cannot provide the upgrade and maintenance of the original Azure Kinect DK development tools, from a long-term perspective, it is recommended that developers use Orbbec SDK for development.

    At the same time, in order to help developers who have already developed applications using Azure Kinect DK quickly get started with Femto Bolt, Gold Train has wrapped Orbbec SDK K4A Wrapper on the basis of Orbbec SDK. Provides the same API and usage as the Azure Kinect Sensor SDK to help developers adapt existing applications to Femto Bolt, For example, the Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK, originally designed for Azure Kinect DK cameras, runs on Femto Bolt.

    Figure Note: Femto Bolt vs. Azure Kinect DK key specifications.

    Femto Bolt vs. Azure Kinect DK key specifications

    Comprehensive upgrade, smaller size for stronger performance

    In addition to continuing the deep mode and SDK experience of Azure Kinect DK, Femto Bolt has also been comprehensively upgraded in terms of product size, RGB picture quality, multi-machine synchronization, etc., with better experience and stronger performance, and is widely applicableHigh precision industrial robot arm grasp, volume measurement, collaboration 888 Gold, 3D body reconstruction, medical, health and other 3D visionIndustry application scenarios.

    1697535405251_Application Scenario.jpg

    The Gold TrainFemto Bolt is suitable for a variety of 3D vision applications

    In terms of product size, the Femto Bolt adopts a compact appearance and structural design, with a narrower gap between the fixed holes on both sides, and the body depth size is only that of the Azure Kinect DK1/2Small size, easier business integration.

    Appearance comparison between Femto Bolt and Azure Kinect DK.

    Appearance comparison between Femto Bolt and Azure Kinect DK

    In RGB image quality, the RGB module in the Femto Bolt offers the same resolution as the Azure Kinect DK (3840 x 2160@30fps) and has High Motion capability (HDR), capable of shootingHigher picture qualityRGB images and videos.

    Image comparison (1).jpg

    In terms of multi-machine synchronization function, unlike the audio cable connection scheme of Azure Kinect DK, Femto Bolt uses a more general and supports more functional extensions8-pin GPIO port, and corresponding connecting equipment. In addition, the Femto Bolt uses a reliable locking USB-C interface, which can be used for power supply and data transmission at the same time, which is more secure and stable.

    The Femto Bolt uses a USB-C interface for power supply and transmission.

    The Femto Bolt uses a USB-C interface for power supply and transmission

    Femto Bolt is now available worldwide. Domestic official selling price2866 yuanCan be purchased on Jingdong, Taobao and other e-commerce platforms; Overseas developers can purchase from the Gold Train overseas website. Interested developers can click on the Gold TrainFemto Bolt product page for more Gold Train support.