• 888 Gold How Vision Becomes a core capability in the AI era Gold Train Chen Bin said at the Five Continents Industrial Development Forum

    • 2023.09.28
    • orbbec

    With the deepening of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the restructuring of the global industrial chain, the reshaping of the supply chain and the restructuring of the value chain continue to deepen, and accelerating the new industrialization has become the key to high-quality development. On September 27, the 12th "Five Continents Industrial Development Forum" was held in Shenzhen. Chen Bin, director and CFO of Gold Train, as the representative of enterprises in the field of 3D visual perception in China, was invited to attend and deliver a speech. Chen Bin believes that industrial intelligence will be upgraded to a more intelligent direction in the next 10-20 years, and the deep combination of AI and 3D vision will be the future trend.

    "Wuzhou Industrial Development Forum" is an international and open forum founded by Shenzhen Federation of Industries under the guidance of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, China Federation of Industrial Economics and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. It is an important exchange platform for Shenzhen's industrial field to radiate to the whole country and connect with the international community. The theme of this forum is "The Road to high-quality Development of manufacturing Industry under the wave of Artificial Intelligence", focusing on the deep integration of AI and manufacturing industry. Former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, President of China Federation of Industrial Economics Li Yizhong, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chief scientist of Shenzhen Federation of Industries, Dean of School of System Design and Intelligent Manufacturing of Southern University of Science and Technology Duan Guangren and other guests and representatives from Tencent, Yuntian Lifei and other enterprises attended the forum.


    "888 Gold Vision "will be a new vision application

    Promote intelligent industrial upgrading

    Scientific and technological innovation is the core driving force of the new industrialization. At present, the 888 Gold industry, which integrates artificial intelligence, 3D vision and other Gold trains, is booming, changing the manufacturing production mode. In the speech, Chen Bin focused on the evolution trend of 888 Gold visual Gold Train application represented by industrial 888 Gold with the title of "Building the strongest '888 Gold Eye' embracing the era of intelligent 888 Gold".

    Chen Bin said that with the progress of Gold Train and the upgrading of demand in industrial manufacturing and other fields, "machine vision" is evolving to "888 Gold vision ". In the past, industrial automation can only replace part of the manual through machine vision in some fixed scenes, and advanced manufacturing fields often have complex scenes or changing scenes, and require high integration and high adaptability, only the more powerful "888 Gold vision "can meet," robot vision "will become a new visual application.KEN7115.JPG


    Chen Bin, Director and CFO of Gold Train, was invited to attend the 12th "Five Continents Industrial Development Forum" and deliver a speech

    Chen Bin said that from the perspective of Gold Train, 888 Gold vision is more complex than traditional machine vision, and more vertical and accurate 888 Gold vision is becoming the industry's first demand. 888 Gold Vision to solve the need for a Gold Train in many specific environments, in different lighting environments, different dust Spaces, the visual Gold Train is a 'noise', to solve these problems also require a large investment in research and development." In the past ten years, Gold Train has laid out a full range of 888 Gold Visual Gold Train and product solutions, starting from the underlying Gold Train, such as structured light chip, iToF photosensitive chip, dToF single photon chip and self-developed algorithm. And launched the outdoor anti-glare, wide field Angle, large HDR and other different characteristics of the camera, to achieve 888 Gold vision sensor in indoor and outdoor complex scenes of large field of view, high precision, high reliability and other performance.

    The development of 888 Gold vision will facilitate the full application of different types of 888 Gold. Chen Bin believes that at present, from Boston Dynamics, Tesla, to Youbi, Xiaomi, humanoid robots have come out of the laboratory and begun to enter the commercial stage. Robots, humanoid robots and panhumanoid robots will be a trillion market in the future, in addition to 888 Gold 'body' and 'brain', 888 Gold vision will be another core capability. Just as humans rely on vision for information, 888 Gold's visual ability is the key to its interaction with the world."


    Build an industrial Gold Train

    Enable SoftBank 888 Gold, Jabil and moreGlobal customer

    Promoting industrial intelligent transformation and development has become an important starting point for developing high-end manufacturing and promoting the optimization and upgrading of the manufacturing industry structure during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in China. At this stage, 3D visual perception is the key area of intelligent and automated upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, which is widely used in industrial brain, 888 Gold assisted manufacturing, machine vision industrial testing and other fields.

    Chen Bin introduced, "Gold Train has more than eight years of 888 Gold industry experience, has served more than 100 888 Gold customers in the world, including domestic Youbizhan, Gaoxian, Purdue, Qinglang, Yuntrace, Stende and other enterprises, in the domestic service 888 Gold3D vision sensor field market share of more than 70%; At the same time, overseas SoftBank 888 Gold and Jabil are also customers of Gold Train.

    Represented by industrial 888 Gold in the field of intelligent manufacturing, 888 Gold vision applications have broad room for growth in the next decade, accelerating applications in industrial production and commercial services, and bringing a new round of industrial change.

    Chen Bin said, "Gold Train is committed to building a Gold Train center for the robot vision industry to serve customers in the robot industry around the world. From the perspective of future industrial development, there will be tens of thousands of enterprises in the global robot industry, but not all enterprises are from the bottom of the Gold Train research and development. In terms of industrial empowerment, Gold Train will provide 3D vision sensor hardware for head customers, provide hardware and algorithm solutions for small and medium-sized practitioners, and provide 888 GoldODM service capabilities for smaller brand enterprises, covering the 888 Gold hardware design and manufacturing process services. So that manufacturers can focus on industry promotion and application capacity reserves."

    In addition to 888 Gold, 3D visual perception will also unlock more value in industrial vision, 3D scanning, biometrics and other industries. Gold Train also continues to expand the application of 3D visual perception Gold Train in the global market through cooperation with Microsoft, Nvidia and other companies, empowering 3D vision developers around the world. Chen Bin said: "On the one hand, there are many developers in the Microsoft and Nvidia ecosystem who need to use hardware + algorithms, on the other hand, many enterprise-class developers in the future mass production, if they need similar sensors, they can preferentially choose Gold Train products, in terms of hardware and algorithm adaptation, the newly released Gold Train depth camera contains a complete hardware D2C. There is no need for complex post-processing operations in the upper computer software, and developers can achieve ready-to-use."


    Chen Bin, Director and CFO of Gold Train, introduced the company's 3D vision Gold Train product solution

    At the end of the speech, Chen Bin also issued a "cooperation invitation" to customers from all walks of life. Gold Train's 3D vision sensor provides a common capability with great potential, but the greater product imagination and industry application possibilities cannot be achieved without the co-creation of partners over a longer period of time. I think the application of 3D vision worldwide will make great progress in the next 10-20 years. Gold Train hopes to promote the development of the industry together with industry customers and partners." "Chen Bin said.