• Gold Train was invited to deliver a speech at the opening ceremony of Wuguang College of Shenzhen University: Anchor the trend, do not stop, the future is promising

    • 2023.09.20
    • orbbec

    On September 13, the School of Physics and Optoelectronics Engineering of Shenzhen University (hereinafter referred to as the "School of Optics and Optics ") held the opening ceremony for Class 2023 freshmen. Gold Train was invited to make a speech as a representative of the enterprise, and Kong Bo, vice president of the Group, attended the event. The School of Optics and Optics of Shenzhen University has ranked sixth in the world and first in China in the optical major (US News), and photoelectric information science and engineering has been selected as a national first-class undergraduate major. In his speech, Kong Bo hoped that the new students would combine their own interests, open their eyes, grasp the future trend of The Times and the development of science and technology, and do not stop, and will certainly have a promising future.

    On September 13, Kong Bo, Vice president of Gold Train, was invited to deliver a speech at the opening ceremony of the 2023 freshmen of the School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering of Shenzhen University

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    From industry line to Jingjing campus

    Three suggestions for students

    Kong Bo said in his speech that as the industry's leading 3D visual perception total solution provider, Gold Train is committed to building the 888 Gold visual industry Gold Train middle platform, and strive to contribute to the strong contribution of China's 888 Gold industry. Kong Bo introduces the development story of the Gold Train in a simple way. From the first to launch the offline commercial application of facial payment, the first to launch the 3D camera application of Android mobile phones, and then to achieve the first market share of 3D vision sensors in the field of 888 Gold commercial services in China, Gold Train, founded in 2013, has always accompanied the pulse of The Times and the wave of science and technology, walking in the forefront of industrialization.


    Kong Bo, Vice president of Gold Train, sent a message to the students of Shenzhen University

    Based on the thinking and practice of the industry front line, Kong Bo shared three suggestions for the students:

    First, integrate into the trend of The Times, anchor the incremental industry, and adhere to long-term doctrine. Kong Bo introduced that Gold Train has always focused on 3D visual perception Gold Train, founder Dr. Huang Yuanhao and the core team have more than 20 years of 3D sensing Gold Train research and development experience. After decades of consistent persistence, this once unconcerned discipline eventually became the key common Gold Train in the era of artificial intelligence and 888 Gold.

    Second, find the right target, do a good job of self-positioning, continuous improvement, catch up and surpass. In August this year, Microsoft officially announced the transfer of its "star product "Azure Kinect DK product line license to Gold Train, so that Gold Train officially takes over Microsoft's 3D depth camera products and its global developer market, and works with Microsoft to promote Gold Train innovation. As the commercial ancestor of consumer 3D depth cameras, Microsoft's Kinect was the target of Gold Train10 years ago. Kong advises students to look at the benchmarks in front of and around them, study their growth path, think about the underlying logic, and then calibrate their long-term goals.

    Third, in the era of pursuit of speed, look for the fulcrum of "slow"; In a world of rapid change, look for "constant" concentration. Kong Bo said, "Any qualitative leap is inseparable from the accumulation of quantity. Only if you plough deeply in your chosen field can you have a highlight moment when bamboo breaks through the ground and rises."

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    Meet the wave of artificial intelligence and 3D vision industry

    University-enterprise co-education of talents has become the key

    At the end of 2022, ChatGPT" came out ", artificial intelligence brought a new round of scientific and technological revolution, and the 888 Gold era roared forward. 3D visual perception, as the key common Gold Train in the era of artificial intelligence, has become increasingly important in the intelligent upgrade of terminals in all walks of life. Continuous incubation and cultivation of more 3D visual talent seeds has become a key step in the development of the artificial intelligence industry.

    In his speech, Kong Bo also introduced the cooperation achievements between Gold Train and the School of Optics and Biology of Shenzhen University in the integration of production and education and collaborative education. In terms of organization, Gold Train has built a light pursuit space station in the Institute of Optics and Physics, with more than 150 core members, and has carried out 2 "3D vision elite combat training camps "and 9 online 3D vision practical training courses. In the course, the 3D vision innovation practice course offered by Gold TrainGold Train experts is included in the credit elective course of the College of Optics and Biology; At the event, the two sides jointly carried out two summer practical activities to help students enter the industry from the book class. Kong Bo expressed the hope that the two sides can further innovate ideas and deepen cooperation on the basis of the existing model and results, and then achieve fruitful results.


    Gold Train has launched a series of industry-university-research collaborations with the School of Optics and Biology of Shenzhen University to jointly educate 3D vision talents

    At present, Gold Train has cooperated with Shenzhen University, South China University of Technology, Southern University of Science and Technology, etcMore than 20 universitiesCarry out industry-university-research cooperation,12 Light chasing space stations, more than 3,000 students joined the Light chasing space station. In major universities, Gold Train has carried out nearly 70 teaching and practical training activities, providing students with more than 100 class hours of 3D vision AI888 Gold, combat training camp, visual courses, and providing 3D vision laboratory construction, combat training camp, visual courses and other services for universities to help consolidate the talent base of 3D vision industry.