• 2023 | Gold Train launches its first 888 Gold outdoor 3D camera, breaking through the limits of strong light and remote use

    • 2023.09.06
    • orbbec

    From September 6 to 8, the China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE 2023) was held in Shenzhen. Gold Train888 Gold Visual industry Gold Train appeared at this year's optical Fair, and launched a new outdoor 888 Gold3D camera Gemini 2 XL on the spot. The new product breaks through the two major limitations of outdoor bright light and remote measurement, and further expands the outdoor application scenario of 888 Gold. At the scene, Gold Train exhibited nearly 20 depth cameras, smart cameras, lidar, 3D scanners and other products, which attracted a large number of customers and developers.

    Challenge 888 Gold Outdoor strongest "eyes"

      Solve the two pain points of strong light and remote measurement  

    On the afternoon of September 6, Gold Train held a flash conference to launch its first outdoor large-range 3D camera Gemini 2 XL. This camera solves the two major pain points of outdoor strong light and remote measurement, is not afraid of strong light, the range is more than 20m, compatible with indoor and semi-outdoor common scenes. The high standard of 3D perception brought by the Gemini 2 XL fully meets the needs of all 888 Gold customers.



    "Outdoor has always been a challenging scene for 3D cameras," said Mio, product manager of Gold Train's Visual ecology product line. Compared with indoor, outdoor often has strong light interference, a wider spatial range, and more complex elements in the field of view, which directly interferes with the imaging results of 3D cameras, making it difficult to output stable and reliable depth data. The Gemini 2 XL breaks through these limitations and further expands the scope of 888 Gold vision applications."

    Gemini 2 XL.jpg

    Gold Train's first outdoor large-range 3D camera, the Gemini 2 XL

    The Gemini 2 XL continues the Gold TrainGemini 2 series of products with a large field of view and high precision, even in the face of high and low objects, indoor and outdoor light and dark conditions, can continue to output complete and accurate depth information, enabling Smart 888 Gold to achieve stable and reliable perception in complex and changeable environments. The working distance of the camera can be steadily increased to more than 20m, and the full range has high precision depth images of RGB quality.


    Orbbec Gemini 2 XL outdoor test rendering

    A number of Gold Train visual ecological product matrix products, represented by the Gemini 2 series, also attracted the attention of a large number of 888 Gold customers and developers on site. Gold Train can provide a series of products and product portfolios with high standards, high versatility, high scalability and high ease of use, combined with a unified development experience and complete and rich developer support, to help customers in all walks of life to complete product development and landing.


    Gold Train visual ecological product matrix

    888 Gold Vision Industry Gold Train is the focus of the conference

      Help customers one-stop convenient procurement  

    At this year's optical Fair, the 888 Gold Visual industry Gold Train (hereinafter referred to as "Middle Station "), which debuted with Gold Train, has become a highlight of the intelligent sensing pavilion.

    At the booth site, the Gold TrainDabai series and Gemini 2 series commercial service 888 Gold solution, MS series LiDAR, Femto Mega I Industrial 888 Gold vision solution attracted many industry customers to inquire. Purdue Bella Food Delivery 888 Gold, Gaoxian Cleaning 888 Gold, Luoshi Industrial robot arm, Stende AMR and other exhibits equipped with Gold Train3D vision sensors also made wonderful appearances.



    Gold Train888 Gold Visual industry Gold Train Zhongtai became the focus of the conference

    Based on the capabilities of the middle platform, Gold Train has launched visual perception solutions for different types of 888 Gold such as service 888 Gold, Industrial 888 Gold, ROS education 888 Gold, etc. Provide monocular structured light, binocular structured light, iToF, LiDAR, dToF full Gold Train route 3D vision sensors, and provide multi-sensor fusion support, help 888 Gold to achieve mapping, positioning, obstacle avoidance, identification and other functions, so as to facilitate 888 Gold customers to purchase one-stop product solutions.

    At present, Gold Train has enabled more than 100 global 888 Gold customers, including Uber, Gosin, Purdue, Yuntrace, Qinglang, and Stende, and has a market share of more than 70% in the field of 888 Gold3D vision sensors in China.

    Facing the more promising embodied intelligent 888 Gold market in the future, Gold Train will continue to deploy the integration capabilities of 888 Gold visual sensor +AI visual perception and multi-modal interactive large model Gold Train+ mass production test and digital factory, enabling 888 Gold manufacturers to expand the application scenarios. Create the world's leading domestic 888 Gold industry benchmark.

    Build a broader global 3D vision developer ecosystem

      Innovative multi-industry application scenarios  

    At CIOE 2023, Gold Train also brought industry solutions such as 3D scanning and printing, industrial vision, and demonstrated a variety of intelligent algorithm flow effects such as bone, face reconstruction, and depth detection on site.

    3D scanning and printing, as an important interface linking the physical world and the virtual world, has attracted a large number of geeks, makers, designers and professionals in recent years, and the user audience has begun to penetrate from enthusiasts to ordinary consumers. Gold Train exhibited a consumer 3D scanner and 3D printer to accelerate the global 3D scanning and printing market.



    Visitors visit the Gold Train 3D scanning exhibition area

    On the afternoon of September 6, Zhang Min, director of the Innovation Laboratory of the School of Optoelectronics and Physics of Shenzhen University and the instructor of the Gold Train Light tracking Space Station, led nearly 20 space station students to visit a number of products at the Gold Train booth. Zhang Min said: "Gold Train is a domestic leader in the field of 3D visual perception, and 3D visual perception is also the focus of Shenzhen University's industry-university-research application direction. We hope that Gold Train and Shenzhen University can continue to deepen cooperation in the future and boost the development of China's 3D vision industry."



    Ms. Zhang Min and her students from School of Optoelectronics and Physics, Shenzhen University visited the Gold Train booth

    On the afternoon of September 7, Mr. Chung, Head of Visual Products at Gold Train888 Gold, will give a presentation at MEMS '34th "The Big Picture" Seminar: 3D Visual Gold Train and ApplicationsWhat are the key Capabilities Required for 3D vision to create 888 Gold Eye?Welcome to pay attention!

    - Speech time: 13:30-13:55

    -Address: Conference Room 6B, 2nd floor, Hall 6, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Hall)