• Gold Train invites you to come to the 2023 Optical Fair, the first outdoor "888 Gold Eyes "live reveal!

    • 2023.08.31
    • orbbec

    From September 6 to 8, the China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE 2023) will be held in Shenzhen. As a domestic 888 Gold vision and 3D vision leading enterprise, Gold Train will bring 888 Gold, 3D scanning, industrial vision and other fields of products and solutions to the exhibition, invite you to jointly open 888 Gold3D vision.




    888 Gold goes outdoors with a new 3D camera

    CIOE is a comprehensive exhibition for the photoelectric industry with great scale and influence. This exhibition,Gold Train will introduce the Gemini 2 XL, the company's first outdoor large-range 3D cameraThe product overcomes the application difficulties of 3D cameras in outdoor strong light environments, and will further expand the application of various types of 888 Gold in outdoor environments.

    Meanwhile, Gold TrainVisual ecology full matrix productsIt will also appear live, bringing multiple choices to 888 Gold industry customers and 3D vision developers worldwide.



    888 Gold Visual industry Gold Train debut, solve common problems

    Big models of artificial intelligence (AI) such as GPT are driving the 888 Gold industry at an unprecedented rate. As the premise and requirement of 888 Gold's commercial scale, how to further improve it to adapt to more complex scenes and more diverse needs has become a common topic of great concern in the 888 Gold industry.

    For the 888 Gold vision and embodied intelligence development trend, Gold Train is dedicated to building888 Gold Vision Industry Gold Train ZhongtaiTo provide industry customers with 888 Gold vision one-stop solution, covering depth cameras, smart cameras, LiDAR and more. Welcome industry customers to exchange!



    Industry share: What key capabilities should 3D vision have?

    On September 6-7, MEMS will hold the 34th "Micro Meaning" Seminar: 3D Vision Gold Train and Applications "at the same time of the Optical Fair. On September 7, 13:30-13:55, Gold Train888 Gold's Head of Visual Products, Liang Hong Chung, will deliver a keynote speech entitledWhat are the key Capabilities Required for 3D vision to create 888 Gold Eye?

    In his speech, Zhong Lianghong, head of visual products at Gold Train888 Gold, will build on Gold Train's landing experience in the 888 Gold field in the past 8 years, and his systematic understanding of 888 Gold Vision's multiple mainstream Gold Train routes. Focus on sharing the key 3D vision capabilities necessary for 888 Gold, and explore the 3D vision strategic capabilities needed for the future embodied intelligence 888 Gold.

    MEMS speech drawing.png



    3D scanning, strain measurement industry solutions appeared

    In addition to 888 Gold visual products, Gold Train will also bringThree-dimensional scanning, strain measurementAnd other multi-industry solutions.

    Gold Train can collect complete 3D data of human body, objects and space in real time, and generate high-precision 3D models of people, objects and space, which is widely used in 3D printing, cultural and creative design and other fields.

    3D scanning + print.png

    3D printer and 3D scanner created by Gold Train in collaboration with Creative 3D

    In the field of strain measurement, Gold Train's subsidiary Xinto 3D focused systematic software development has greatly improved the full-field measurement accuracy of strain measurement products, enabling industrial vision industry applications.

    More exciting, welcome to the Gold Train booth, see you!


    Booth information

    Meeting Time:September 6-8, 2023

    Meeting Place:Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Hall)

    Gold Train Booth Number:Hall 6, Booth 6C61