• 2023 Yabuli China Entrepreneur Forum | Gold Train Huang Yuanhao: 888 Gold industry or will become the largest carrier of artificial intelligence

    • 2023.08.27
    • orbbec

    From August 24 to 27, on the occasion of the 43rd birthday of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the 19th Summer Summit of 2023 Yabli China Entrepreneurs Forum was opened in Shenzhen, and Huang Yuanhao, chairman and CEO of Gold Train, was invited to attend; At the "Potential and Boundaries of AI" forum on the 26th, Huang Yuanhao talked with a number of industry guests about artificial intelligence, large models and 888 Gold.

    Huang Yuanhao said, "Generative AI represented by GPT is taking the artificial intelligence industry to a new height, and the 888 Gold industry will most likely become the largest carrier of the artificial intelligence industry." In this process, unlike the mobile phone, automotive and other industries, 888 Gold industry needs the support of the middle to achieve a jump in development; With more than 20 years of 3D vision Gold Train research and development accumulation, Gold Train hopes to build the 888 Gold visual industry Gold Train center, providing the "888 Gold eye "for the 100 billion 888 Gold market.

    Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, known as China's "Davos Forum", was established in 2001 to build a platform for private entrepreneurs to exchange ideas. This year's forum brought together more than 500 well-known domestic entrepreneurs, scholars and government officials, focusing on the hottest topics in many fields such as macro economy, biotechnology and intelligent manufacturing.

    Talk about AI industry landing:

    "888 Gold industry needs visual midstations and manufacturing midstations"

    From generating text, generating 2D3D images, generating videos, generating code, the generative AI represented by GPT is taking the artificial intelligence industry to a new height. At the forum, guests proposed new ideas on how AI can be combined with cutting-edge industries.


    Huang Yuanhao, Chairman and CEO of Gold Train, was invited to attend the 2023 Yabuli China Entrepreneur Forum

    Huang Yuanhao believes that the 888 Gold industry has a high probability of becoming the largest carrier of artificial intelligence. The emergence of large models will affect many industries, but I think it will have the biggest impact on the 888 Gold industry. The large model will greatly improve 888 Gold's visual capabilities, including mapping, positioning, navigation, etc., so that 888 Gold's hand, eye, and brain coordination is getting better and better."

    Gold Train continues to focus on creating the "888 Gold Eye." Our company has done more than 10 years, and the core team has more than 20 years of research and development experience. Gold Train does not do 888 Gold body brand, but we want to provide the strongest visual Gold Train and products for 888 Gold enterprises around the world. At present, Gold Train has a market share of more than 70% in the domestic service of 888 Gold3D vision sensors." Huang Yuanhao said.

    To meet the industry trend of in-depth integration of 888 Gold and AI grand models, Gold Train is committed to building the 888 Gold visual industry Gold Train center for the industry, providing a full range of capabilities platform and serialized product solutions.

    On the trend of Gold Train:

    "With enhanced computing power, 888 Gold will be upgraded to 888 Gold."

    With the continuous development of Gold Train, Huang Yuanhao believes that in the future, the edge of the intelligent 888 Gold can be as smart as people, and have stronger capabilities in many aspects such as perception and calculation.

    However, Huang Yuanhao said that to make 888 Gold highly intelligent and become a comprehensive service 888 Gold, it is difficult to achieve in the short term. Many of the services we see in food delivery and guidance are difficult to achieve particularly good human-computer interaction; But when combined with the larger models in the future, these 888 GOLDs can be upgraded first in the segmented commercial scenarios."

    In this Gold Train upgrade process, computing power is also a key. Huang Yuan Hao said, "The current service 888 Gold is small, maybe only 3-5 TOPS(processor computing power units), but in the next few years, 888 Gold's computing power may grow to 40, 50 TOPS, or even 100 TOPS." With the enhancement of computing power, 888 Gold's capabilities will become more and more comprehensive, evolving from single 888 Gold to all-purpose 888 Gold."

    On ethics of science and technology:

    "Recommended to set the 'AI brain' application boundary at the lowest level"

    In view of the scientific and technological ethical issues brought about by the Gold Train of artificial intelligence, Huang Yuanhao put forward his own views from two dimensions: cloud and edge.

    Huang Yuanhao believes that in the cloud, the cloud "AI brain "that may appear in the future, as long as the computing power is large enough and the data is sufficient, it is possible to bring challenges to the human social order. To this end, relevant laws and regulations should be formulated in advance to supervise and restrict the use of AI. Set the application boundaries of the "AI brain "at the lowest level of the Gold Train. At the edge, allowing AI888 Gold to focus on a certain professional direction, such as working in the workshop, production line, and focusing on the goal of improving production efficiency services, can make AI applications relatively safer.

    Huang Yuanhao further said that in the future, Gold Train will take root in Shenzhen, a city of innovation, continue to deepen the 888 Gold visual perception Gold Train and industrial applications, and continue to expand the application capabilities and boundaries of artificial intelligence +888 Gold around the high-quality development goal.