• 2023 World 888 Gold Conference | Gold Train Hwang Yuanhao: The success of 888 Gold business cannot be separated from three major elements

    • 2023.08.21
    • orbbec

    On the afternoon of August 19, Huang Yuanhao, chairman and CEO of Gold Train, was invited to attend the main forum of the 2023 World 888 Gold Conference (WRC), and held a summit dialogue with industry guests around industrial hot spots such as humanoid 888 Gold and large models. The conference invited more than 320 representatives of international organizations, academicians, well-known experts and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to focus on exploring the future application of "888 Gold+".

    Huang Yuanhao said that the emergence of the large model has allowed humans to see the dawn of embodied intelligence, accelerating the development of the human industry; The humanoid 888 Gold is expected to replace artificial and accompany human beings in the future, and further realize the leap and evolution based on the existing 888 Gold capabilities.

    At the same time, Huang Yuanhao also put forward a solution for the three difficult problems of 888 Gold landing: the first step of industry enterprises should find the landing scene, take root in the industry, and follow the process of scientific and technological development for a long time.


    Embodied Intelligence: The ultimate form of artificial intelligence

    The advent of ChatGPT not only triggered a new wave of artificial intelligence industry, but also profoundly changed the development process of the 888 Gold industry.

    Huang Yuanhao believes that the large model will help 888 Gold accelerate its leapfrog evolution. 888 Gold, trained with a rigid model, cannot solve unknown new problems; With the blessing of the large model, 888 Gold has the ability to be intelligent."


    Gold Train Chairman and CEO Yuan Hao Huang conducts a summit conversation at the main Forum of the 2023 World 888 Gold Congress (WRC)

    Taking the specific application scenario as an example, the current 888 Gold in the industrial field does not rely on interaction, and only needs to perform sorting, handling and other actions according to a fixed planned path. With a large model, 888 Gold can generate, interact, understand, reason, understand human language, and interact with the physical world, with a higher degree of intelligence.

    The development of embodied intelligence depends on multimodal large model capability. Between ChatGPT text large model and multimodal large model, Gold Train focused 888 Gold visual perception is a key.

    "The multimodal grand model covers vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste, and the grand model of visual perception is an irreplaceable intermediate model. With the multimodal large model, 888 Gold will be more perceptive and intelligent than humans in the future." Huang Yuanhao said.


    Human 888 Gold landing to overcome three difficulties

    During the discussion, the guests believed that although 888 Gold is a blue ocean market, the industry as a whole is still in its initial stage, and there are three major landing difficulties.

    First of all, the human 888 Gold is currently in the standardized production line, and there is no efficiency advantage compared with the traditional 888 Gold; Second, the human 888 Gold relies on a lot of computing, energy consumption is huge; At the same time, the development and maintenance costs of its key components are high.


    Huang Yuanhao talks about the development of 888 Gold industry at the main forum of WRC 2023

    Huang Yuanhao believes that if upstream and downstream emerging enterprises want to start a successful business, they cannot do without three elements:

    First, identify the application scenario. The human form 888 Gold is similar to humans and exists to handle flexible and varied tasks. In fixed production lines, its efficiency is not as high as the existing industrial 888 Gold, and only in the future large-scale flexible production, it can play a greater value."

    Second, it takes time to optimize large models over the long term." 888 Gold is like a newborn child, and it is not realistic to ask it to accompany and work at this stage. It takes a long time to continuously collect, train, and adjust data to continuously optimize computing power consumption."

    Third, the key hardware depends on the upgrading of the whole industrial chain." Some key components, such as reducers, travel gears, etc., have been applied in many other scenarios. However, 888 Gold relies on the overall industrial chain and supply chain upgrade and evolution, and some need a long cycle of ten years, not a day's work."


    Exert the supply chain capability of trillion-industry machine vision

    In Huang Yuanhao's view, the 888 Gold field is likely to appear in the future of hundreds of billions of trillion companies, accompanied 888 Gold is expected to occupy the mainstream, and 360 lines will replace the artificial 888 Gold.

    In doing so, the Gold Train focuses 888 Gold's vision to help it perceive, locate, navigate, and avoid obstacles. It is not practical for every 888 Gold company to have a 3D vision supply chain, and Gold Train hopes to provide 888 Gold companies with a one-stop solution."

    At the end of the forum, Huang Yuanhao said, "888 Gold is one of the best industries of this era. However, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry must be grounded and find the landing scene, whether it is inspection, mining 888 Gold, or accompanying, education 888 Gold, can not only focus on Gold Train research and development, but also be committed to making the application scene more efficient, lower cost, better experience, and precipitation into the industry."

    Gold Train, as the first exhibitor at the conference, presented 888 Gold visual perception full Matrix products, including a number of breakthrough new products in the industry. During the exhibition,Microsoft is discontinuing Azure KinectThe announcement of the transfer of the Gold Train product line license to partner Gold Train also received a high level of attention from attendees, buyers and others. Based on industry-leading 3D vision solutions, Gold Train is building the vision industry Gold Train midplatform for Embodied intelligence 888 Gold, Empower 888 Gold manufacturers around the world by deploying the integrated capability of "888 Gold Vision sensor + AI vision perception and multi-modal interactive large model Gold Train+ mass production testing and digital factory ".