• Build the visual industry Gold Train center stage, Gold Train a number of industry breakthrough new products unveiled at the World 888 Gold Congress

    • 2023.08.17
    • orbbec

    From August 16 to 22, the 2023 World 888 Gold Conference (WRC 2023) was held in Beijing, and the Gold Train888 Gold visual perception full matrix product debuted, bringing a number of breakthrough new products in the industry. Gold Train is committed to building the Gold Train middle platform for embodied intelligent 888 Gold vision industry, which will be based on 888 Gold vision sensor + AI vision perception and multi-modal interaction large model Gold Train+ mass production testing and digital factory integration capabilities. Empower companies in the 888 Gold industry worldwide and light up the 888 Gold3D vision.

    The Gold Train was unveiled at the 2023 World 888 Gold Expo

    Industry breakthrough!

      The Dabai Max and the DaBai DCW 2 are unveiled  

    At this exhibition, Gold Train brought a number of groundbreaking new products such as Dabai Max and DaBai DCW 2 to provide 888 Gold with more advanced 3D vision capabilities.

    The Dabai Max was launched by Gold TrainBinocular structured light camera with maximum field AngleThe horizontal depth FOV is up to 110 degrees, and the vertical FOV is up to 71 degrees. The camera provides a detection range of 0.2m to 2.5m, a depth image resolution of up to 640*320, and an average power consumption of less than 2W, suitable for 888 Gold obstacle avoidance applications.


    Dabai Max large field Angle binocular structured light camera from Gold Train

    DaBai DCW2 is a high-performance binocular structured light camera launched by Gold Train for service 888 Gold scenarios, which supports high energy level operation mode.Stable recognition of objects as low as 5% reflectivity. Camera depth image resolution up to 640*400@15fps, with high-performance RGB, support high-precision deep color alignment; The average power consumption of the product is less than 2.3W, and the terminal only needs to connect the USB 2.0 interface to obtain high-precision 3D depth information for the back-end to call.


    Dabai DCW 2 High performance binocular structured light camera from Gold Train

    One-stop shopping!

      Fully meet the needs of 888 Gold  

    One-stop sourcing is the focus of 888 Gold's industry customers.

    At this exhibition, Gold Train released 888 Gold visual perception matrix, The exhibition includes DaBai series binocular structured light camera, Gemini series binocular structured light camera, Astra series monocular structured light camera, Deeyea series monocular structured light camera, Femto series iToF 3D camera and MS series single-line LiDAR.Help manufacturers one-stop purchase 888 Gold visual perception product solutions


    Gold Train888 Gold Visual perception new product matrix

    "The 3D sensor is the 'eyes' of 888 Gold and the core device that helps the' hands and feet 'of 888 Gold achieve mapping, positioning, obstacle avoidance and recognition functions. 888 Gold application scenarios are complex and require different product combinations to meet the actual needs. "Gold Train is one of the few companies in the world to have a comprehensive layout of the six 3D visual sensing Gold Train routes, allowing customers to easily purchase a variety of visual product solutions in one stop." Gold Train888 Gold visual products head Zhong Lianghong introduced.

    At present, the intelligent 888 Gold is accelerating the landing of commercial cleaning, hotel distribution, welcome navigation, warehousing logistics, production and manufacturing scenarios, and puts forward higher performance requirements for 3D sensors. Gold Train's rich product system,Fully meet the needs of 888 Gold for different FoV, accuracy and rangeImprove the adaptability of the scene, so that 888 Gold can work efficiently in a variety of complex indoor and outdoor environments.

    7 years of landing experience

      Build a pan -888 Gold industry in Taiwan  

    In the field of smart 888 Gold, Gold Train has more than 7 years of industry landing experience. At present, Gold Train888 more than 100 Gold cooperative enterprises, covering the heads of industries such as Gaoxian, Purdue, Qinglang, Yunji and Stander, and has a market share of more than 70% in the field of Gold3D vision sensors in the service 888.

    At this WRC 2023, more than 140 domestic and foreign 888 Gold enterprises showed up with nearly 600 exhibits. Humanoid 888 Gold, bionic 888 Gold and software 888 Gold became the focus of the conference. In view of the current development trend of AI large model and physical intelligence 888 Gold, Gold Train is committed to building a visual industry Gold Train middle platform for physical intelligence 888 Gold based on the 3D visual perception Gold Train system of "full stack Gold Train research and development capability + full domain Gold Train route layout, the layout provides industry customers with the integration capability of 888 Gold visual sensor + AI visual perception and multi-modal interaction large model Gold Train + mass production testing and digital factory.


    Gold Train is committed to building a visual industry for physical intelligence 888 Gold.

    From 14:00 to 17:00 on August 19, Huang Yuanhao, chairman and CEO of Gold Train, will attend WRC 2023 "Integrated Development -888 Gold Industry Health Ecology Forum" in the conference hall of Hall C of Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center to discuss 888 Gold's future ecological construction with industry leaders. Please pay attention!