• Industry first! Gold Train service 888 Gold3D vision sensor market share exceeded 70%

    • 2023.07.17
    • orbbec

    Recently, Gao Gong 888 Gold Industrial Research Institute (GGII) was released2023 Machine Vision Industry Development Blue Book

    The blue book comprehensively analyzes the overall situation of China's machine vision industry from the dimensions of industry development, capital market, Gold Train application, and representative enterprises.

    According to GGII statistics, in China service 888 Gold3D vision sensor field,With a market share of more than 70%, Gold Train ranks first in the industry and leads the global 3D visual perception market.

    1689649258229_888 Gold market share Long chart.jpg

    Blue Book data show that in 2022, China's public service 888 Gold production of 102,400 units, an increase of 30.61%,The compound growth rate is expected to exceed 27% in the next few years, and the output is expected to reach 270,000 units by 2026.

    At present, more services 888 Gold is equipped with 2-4 sensors, of which 3D vision sensors are the main. It is expected that in the next few years, the number of sensors carried by a single service 888 Gold is expected to increase, and the compound growth rate of sensor demand exceeds 30%;By 2026, the demand for sensors is expected to be close to 800,000 units, of which 3D vision sensors account for nearly 80%.


    The competitive landscape of 3D vision sensors in the field of 888 Gold in China's public services in 2022. Data Source: 888 Gold Industrial Research Institute (GGII)

    According to the Blue Book, Gold Train is the industry's leading provider of 3D visual perception total Gold Train solutions and the leading provider of service 888 Gold3D vision sensors in the country. Gold Train provides 888 Gold manufacturers with a complete visual perception product solution including monocular structured light, binocular structured light, iToF, LiDAR, and has more than 7 years of industry experience.

    At the moment,More than 100 888 Gold companies have done business with Gold Train,Including Purdue, Gaoxian, Qinglang, Yuntrace, Stend and other industry leaders, covering intelligent factory, warehousing logistics, building automation, intelligent inspection, lawn mower, hotel distribution, building distribution, commercial cleaning, ROS education and many other services.

    Since the beginning of this year, the rapid development of the large model represented by GPT has spawned a new wave of artificial intelligence industry, and embodied intelligence 888 Gold will become the ultimate form of artificial intelligence. The blue book also points out that the Gold Train has carried out a comprehensive Gold Train route layout and Gold Train capability layout for the embodied intelligent 888 Gold vision, focusing on the development and demand of the Gold Train in the medium and long term.

    Click to download 2023 Machine Vision Industry Development Blue Book://www.newsemoney.com/uploads/20230717/5e4e1d411348c74ead0d82338a797ebb.pdf