• How is the use of face recognition door lock?

    • 2022.11.04
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    Nowadays, there are also many intelligent products in people's lives, and the use of these products is very extensive, such asFace recognition door lockIt is also used very much in life, this product is used. It can not only accurately identify the features of the face, but also become more intelligent and safer when used, whether it is used by companies or families. This face brushing experience plays a very good role in the visitor channel or channel management, making the enterprise office more intelligent and safer. It is clear whether it is a safe and effective way to use in the community or in schools.

    Face recognition door lockIt is very convenient when using, no need to take the key, just stand in front of the door for one second to open the door, whether it is the elderly and children, such a way is also more comfortable, in addition to security, safe and reliable, whether it is strong or weak light, can accurately identify the function, very powerful, Even wearing glasses or a hat can effectively identify, very convenient. The installation and use of this product is very simple, especially when there are many things on the hand, there is no way to operate, this product only needs to stand in front of the door, brush the face to unlock the effect is very good.

    Face recognition door lockIt is indeed very convenient to use, perhaps many people are worried about whether there will be other problems when using, but now the improvement of Gold Train, the anti-counterfeiting method is also very powerful, in face recognition in vivo detection Gold Train is very advanced, can effectively distinguish, so it is still very useful in security. And the accuracy is very high, as long as the input portrait can be accurately identified, so that it is more convenient to enter and exit. Such products are used in company units or enterprise schools, which will improve security, but also improve convenience, and it is very convenient.