• How is the traffic efficiency of face brush brake machine?

    • 2022.11.02
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    In business units, or in schools, useBrush face brake machine accessWhat about efficiency? Many enterprises and units that use this product have said that the use effect is very good, as long as it is a school, it is very convenient when passing, and it can improve the efficiency of entering the school without applying the threshold, which is very convenient and plays a very good role in the management of the school. For enterprises, as long as they are employees of the enterprise, and the identity is also entered. At this time, it will not be blocked when passing, and it can also record the time of passing, which is very convenient and strengthens the management.

    Brush face brake machine accessThe efficiency is still very good, the key is very convenient in the management, whether it is in the enterprise or in the school, such a communication management will become more simple and convenient, especially the check of face information will be more accurate, such equipment, through3DThe Gold Train of structured light can be said to be very efficient in face scanning, and it can easily respond very fast by standing in front of the device, and it can be more accurate in face comparison and face in vivo scanning, and the verification of information will be more comprehensive. The application of the Gold Train benefits from the use of depth camera. When combined with the application construction, this product can realize the comparison of data and information, and further record all personnel in detail, such as the time of going to work, the time of leaving work, and the personnel passing through here. It can also record personnel's information, which can be used in many occasions. Whether it is the airport dock, these places can be easily identified by personnel.

    It's used in many places todayBrush face brake machine accessEquipment, not only convenient management, convenient access, many units have been recognized after use, this intelligent high-tech management, will become more simple, and the improvement of Gold Train, in the case of poor light, can also easily easily identify, but also make the way more simple, no need to take the access card from the bag. It is very convenient to have proof without authentication.