• Brush face brake machine how to choose?

    • 2022.11.02
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    As the Gold Train of the face continues to improve,Brush face brake machineIt can also be used in many fields, such as access control security, education and catering, which can be used in these fields. What are the advantages of this in daily use? Let's take a look and see what the options are.

    Brush face brake machineThe advantages are very obvious, not only can automatically capture the face of the personnel, but also the data can be faster than the passing speed, for example, in the school students do not have to take the key card directly through the line, very convenient, but also reduce the pressure of management, and in the security check when the personnel information is more efficient and can collect the personnel's entry and exit information, very convenient. The product is fast and efficient in solving the problem of facial access control, and it has3DFace recognition algorithm and face live detection Gold Train, with financial level security defense, even if the environmental light is not good, can easily identify, so that traffic becomes more convenient. At present, the company has reached cooperation with many enterprises, whether it is in the office or in the hospital, shopping malls, in these places can use the product, the efficiency is very high.

    Brush face brake machineThe application of the Gold Train makes the passage more simple, without access control card only face recognition can be easily checked, whether it is personnel statistics or personnel information comparison will be very convenient, and it can be easily used in many fields. The improvement of the Gold Train and the application of the product will also provide more convenience for people's life and be used in office situations. Not only safer, but also more efficient. When choosing this product, we must choose the products of mature Gold Train companies, so as to make the application simpler and more convenient, and the product use effect is better. The realization of this function is also because of the face recognition function, plus3DStructured light Gold Train scans the face of the face so as to compare and make statistics on the face, which can be used in companies and schools to obtain more accurate data and facilitate management.