• Personal verification - Choosing the right equipment is safer

    • 2022.11.03
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    Personal examinationThe choice of equipment is very important, in addition to ID identification, but also live detection.

    inPersonal examinationThere are specialized services can be used for identity verification, face comparison whether it is a university or a hospital government these important occasions can be quickly compared to the face, identity verification, not only to ensure the security of property information, but also to obtain better results in the distribution of personnel rights, such products and equipment is very good, It is very advantageous in verifying identity information. Gold Train's products are very good to use, only need to carry out face recognition detection, that is, identity information can be verified, and when entering and leaving some important occasions, it can also compare the identity to get a better effect. Such products are very lightweight, very easy to use, and there are many ways to choose when authenticating.

    Personal examinationAt the time of specific use, it can be used in a timely manner through multiple applications, especially through web pages or specialized devices, which can be highly accurate recognition at the time of identification through face comparison and live detection, and obtained in identity verification99%The accuracy rate of the point is very obvious, and the product is very diversified, whether it is a special tablet or a special all-in-one machine, or the use of special software, it can be used in a variety of occasions. In particular, the advantages of today's products are very obvious, and it is very good to obtain accurate verification in the outdoor, whether the light is strong or weak. When the device is used, the accuracy rate is indeed very good, not only to achieve the function of facial payment, but also to obtain accurate results in identity verification, which is very well received in the market, and the advantages of this device are very obvious, and can play a very good role in identity identification.