• How is the access control brush face function realized?

    • 2022.11.01
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    Some units use to commute to and from the companyAccess control faceSuch a way effectively blocks the trouble of not the company's personnel entering the company, can ensure the safety of the company's office, such a function is very convenient to use, just stand at the door, can effectively and effectively carry out face recognition, as long as the identification is accurate can open the company, the door directly into the very convenient, in fact, regardless of work and work, Such a way does not require a special person to manage, it can ensure the normal entry of company personnel.

    Access control faceHow is the functionality implemented? Such a device choice is also very popular in the payment industry, with higher recognition, faster efficiency and better accuracy, which are used in many companies. The advantages of this product are very obvious. Due to the high recognition and fast calculation speed, the effect of brushing the face when commuting is really very good. This advantage is very obvious, can play a good role, the realization of this function, thanks to the depth of the camera to collect information, not only the depth of the face scanning, can obtain accurate data, but also can compare the face of the database, effective comparison can let the company door open.

    Access control faceUnlike, some as long as you hold the card can directly open the door of the company's face brush, only I can enter, others are no way to replace, this way is better and let more people can see the impact is still very different, should pay attention to, in the era of smart technology, The emergence of various products has also made intelligent applications show good results in many fields, making security protection simpler and safer.