• What are the advantages of face access control?

    • 2022.11.01
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    In terms of the continuous improvement of the intelligent Gold Train, we will find that intelligent life also brings a lot of convenience to people's lives, because these intelligent technologies are reflected in many aspects, showing different effects to our lives, such as opening the door to take the key before, and now opening the door without taking anything, it can also be well prevented, such asSwipe face access controlIn the use of time is very convenient, and in many companies are basically using this security protection method, only need to face authentication input, then when entering the company, you can directly brush the face to enter, very convenient, if not the company there is no way to enter.

    Swipe face access controlNowadays, it is still widely used, which not only improves the efficiency, but also prevents others from entering the company and entering the unit. It has obvious advantages in face authentication. In particular, it is very convenient to recognize faces through face comparison, which can be matched with other devices. The effect was remarkable. After all, some units do not allow others to enter, in such conditions can really see the effect, or different, because the application of this technology involves many aspects, and this function is mostly used by the Gold Train with a camera, especially like3DThe Gold Train of the camera, coupled with hardware and software, can achieve better results.

    Swipe face access controlThe practical effect is very good, not only can brush the face, but also can open the door through fingerprint verification, such a smart lock, the effect is very good, but also many companies are very recognized, after all, there are more people in public places, and this face brush certification is also a more secure protective measure, is an effective means to ensure the company's office, but also many companies like it. This kind of series authentication is a way, the use of high-tech intelligent camera can be in-depth analysis of the face scanning, not only fast and high accuracy, but also effectively prevent photos and videos and other ways, it can be said that the security is very good.