• How about 3d face locks?

    • 2022.10.31
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    Nowadays, the use of intelligent technology is more and more widely used in people's lives. Whether it is smart home appliances or other industries, the presentation of Gold Train in the intelligent industry has also made great changes in people's lives, such as3dFace lockIt is convenient to use, and it looks very beautiful and more intelligent.

    3dFace lockThe design is very advanced, whether it is appearance or function, indeed the operation is very simple, especially the function of face recognition, which is the highlight, as long as the recognition can be automatically opened when the door is opened, no longer need to pick the key, and even if it is with photos or videos, there is no way to open it, this accuracy is very high, more secure, And in the dark environment will not cause mistakes, it is very good. And today's face lock can be used in combination with other ways, such as video phones or fingerprints, in short, these functions are more powerful. Such a smart lock product is indeed very intelligent in the use of face recognition, and has been added3DThe advantages of the structured light module in face recognition are more obvious, especially the provision of this function, and the addition of the camera module is indeed very convenient and more accurate when used.

    3dFace lockIt is precisely because of the addition of the intelligent module, in the new Gold Train improvement, not only more intelligent, but also in the face brush face lock, it is indeed more convenient than the fingerprint, and the accuracy is higher, in the process of face recognition only need to be face recognition, through can be automatically opened, very convenient, The advantages of intelligent experience are more obvious. At present in3DIn the field, this visual perception Gold Train is very good, and the company's products are also growing and improving in the field of intelligence, and the related modules have also made more industries have undergone great changes.