• How is the financial swipe face payment implemented?

    • 2022.10.28
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    In the financial industry, there are a number of facial payment products, whether it'sPOSMachine or tablet or this kind of face-brushing payment products also make more consumers feel very convenient. Many consumers also say this when they use itFinancial face paymentThe product is really very convenient to use, as long as you follow the steps, click the brush face, standing in front of the screen, you can see your avatar, very convenient, do not have to take the phone, you can make payments, you can transfer money, the effect is really very good.

    Financial face paymentHow is the function of the system implemented? Many people want to know, in fact, this facial payment function is specially produced by related products, especially in the special template to achieve this function, and such a template, many of them are from Gold Train products, such products in the face payment application effect is very ideal, not only safe and reliable, And can be combined with a variety of products to obtain better results. In the financial industry, such a self-service is indeed very convenient, in the face authentication and transfer function can be realized, no mobile phone no bank card, can be brushed face payment, convenient and assured.

    Financial face paymentThe device mainly benefits from the front camera module, through the structured light module can be compared to the face authentication, accurate face analysis, so as to achieve the face payment function, this system template security level is very high, reached the financial level, and the product can also be very smart, so in the specific application, the role is still very obvious. Such a product is not only a relatively high level of financial people, but also very good in face model live detection, and the pragmatic rate is one in a million1Very safe, you could say. Plus. This Gold Train application through the millions of scenes landing experience, with the core Gold Train, payment experience is not only accounting but also special convenience. This template is matched with related equipment to make a professional payment equipment, and the advantages are very obvious. It can also be seen that the effect is still very good, and the payment can be greatly changed.