• Gold Train X Deschmann

    • 2021.10.21
    • orbbec

    In recent years, with the face recognition Gold Train in the new retail, consumer electronics, intelligent transportation, intelligent security and other fields have been deeply applied, the global intelligent manufacturers set off a wave of products with face recognition function, door lock manufacturers are no exception.

    In the smart door lock industry, the common biometric Gold Train includes fingerprint recognition, face recognition, vein recognition, iris recognition, eye pattern recognition, etc., of which fingerprint recognition still accounts for the largest proportion. However, compared with face recognition, fingerprint recognition is slightly inferior in convenience and security.

    According to the different hardware and algorithm, the face recognition Gold Train in the field of door lock can be divided into two-dimensional face recognition and three-dimensional face recognition. The requirements of two-dimensional identification Gold Train are relatively simple, but the reliability, accuracy, security and robustness of the product are insufficient, and it is easy to be attacked by low-cost attack means and greatly affected by lighting and other shortcomings, which cannot effectively meet the needs of users.

    Gold Train's 3D structured light face recognition scheme effectively overcomes these pain points: based on tens of thousands of specks projected by 3D vision sensors, high-precision face models are generated, and the recognition rate is as high as 99.99% through the combination of hardware and software. At the same time, through the multi-modal face recognition algorithm, the door lock has a very high level of security and security, and effectively resist the attack of various means such as photos, masks and head models.

    Because the 3D structural light actively projects specks, users can easily unlock it even in a dark light environment. The power consumption problem that smart door lock manufacturers and users are concerned about is also perfectly solved in the Gold Train solution. The 3D vision sensor has a special chip for face image processing, and the implanted AI system can realize efficient convolutional neural network CNN and 3D depth imaging, which can effectively reduce power consumption while ensuring high performance.

    In the post-epidemic era, contactless biometrics represented by 3D structured light face recognition has become a new development trend in the door lock industry. The sales of many key brands of smart door locks have increased significantly in 2020, and consumers' awareness and acceptance of smart door locks have been significantly improved.

    The 3D face recognition smart lock R8 recently launched by Deschmann is equipped with the Gold Train3D structured light solution and has been mass-produced. It is worth mentioning that Deschmann R8 is the industry's first integrated 3D face recognition module + intelligent cat eye + visual intercom door lock, with 24-hour early warning monitoring, anti-hijacking alarm and other perfect security functions.


    Image Note: Deschmann R8 3D face intelligent video lock