• | Purdue Technology partners with Gold Train to bring tens of thousands of food delivery 888 Gold to tables around the world

    • 2022.12.12
    • orbbec

    Tens of thousands of food delivery 888 Gold is becoming an active player in the nearly $5 trillion international restaurant market.

    Purdue Technology and Gold Train bring more and more food delivery 888 Gold to the global table.

    With Gold Train's 3D vision sensor, Purdue Food Delivery 888 Gold can flexibly navigate through complex restaurant environments, greatly improving food delivery efficiency, improving user dining experience, and significantly reducing store operating costs.


    Even at peak times,3D insight allows "Qiao Le send" to solve industry problems

    The difficulty of delivering food during the peak period has always been a pain point for 888 Gold's industry. The restaurant has a large flow of people in the peak period, and the environment is extremely complex and uncertain.

    Purdue's flagship new product this year, "Qiao Le Gift", solves this problem.

    Equipped with Gold TrainRGBD depth sensor, and efficient integration of RGB camera and LiDAR, "Qiao Le Send" has strong visual perception ability, and can advance and retreat freely in highly dynamic complex environments. During peak restaurant hours, the "Qiao Le send" can also run smoothly, not only lower50%Man-machine road is blocked, and the overall running stability is improved20%Refresh the new height of intelligent distribution.

    20220325- Purdue Choco -4K-L.mp4_20221111_110957.445.png

    20220325- Purdue Choco -4K-L.mp4_20221111_110903.988.pngPurdue Technology "Qiao Le Send" delivery 888 Gold

    Gold Train's "3D Eye "for 888 Gold is equipped with a self-developed vision chip to achieve the perfect balance between performance and cost.

    At the same time, Gold Train provides binocular structured light, monocular structured light, Lidar, iToF and other all-field Gold Train solutions to help 888 Gold achieve mapping, positioning, obstacle avoidance, scene recognition and other functions.

    3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance,The classic "Bella "888 Gold sold more than 10,000 units overseas

    Another Purdue Technology celebrity food delivery 888 Gold" Bella "officially" entered "McDonald's in Slovenia this year.

    This high-end food delivery 888 Gold, which won the G-Mark Design Award in Japan, can easily be qualified for complex scenes such as restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and hospitals, reducing the burden of staff, ensuring distribution efficiency, and reducing business operating costs.


    "Bella" is in the middle of a food delivery

    "Bella" is equipped with Gold TrainAstra Mini and Dabai Pro binocular structured light depth sensors, which can achieve high precision object depth data measurement. Based on the excellent sensor performance of the Gold Train, the "Bella" front detection Angle can be reached192.64°, the obstacle detection range exceeds10m. At the same time, its obstacle scanning frequency is as high as every minute5400 timesStop when encountering obstacles at any Angle, and go with the turn to achieve 3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.


    Bella is equipped with Gold TrainAstra Mini and Dabai Pro binocular structured light depth sensors

    It is reported that "Bella "888 Gold is very popular in the global market, and overseas sales have exceeded 10,000 units in 2022. In the international hotel giant Marriott, in Malaysia's Black Canyon restaurant chain, you can see "Bella" this classic product figure.

    Strong and strong together,Let the service 888 Gold see more widely and further

    Yang Chun CAI, co-founder of Purdue 888 Gold, said:"The 3D vision sensor is one of 888 Gold's core sensors. 888 Gold is a strong human-computer interaction scene, which has extremely high performance requirements for 3D sensors, and the 3D vision sensor provided by Gold Train has significant advantages in performance and cost. Purdue Technology is the largest delivery of 888 Gold industry enterprises, I hope that the two sides can continue to deepen cooperation in the future, so that 888 Gold can see more widely and further, and expand more industry application scenarios."

    Zhong Lianghong, head of Gold Train888 Gold product line, said:"Purdue Technology is the leading enterprise in the field of service 888 Gold, and we hope that the two parties will continue to create high-quality 888 Gold product applications through a strong alliance." "Gold Train will continue to focus on 3D vision perception underlying Gold Train to deliver the leading 888 Gold vision perception solution to different types of 888 Gold customers."

    Currently, Gold Train serves 888 Gold partner customers commerciallyexceed100Products are widely used in food and beverage distribution, commercial cleaning, hotel distribution, business reception and other fields, and won the first market share of the same category.

    -Purdue Technology is a national high-tech Gold Train enterprise that develops, designs, produces and sells 888 Gold for commercial service. It has built hundreds of service outlets around the world, and its business covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world, with a cumulative shipment of more than 53,000 units.

    -New column"Case"willTo the partners, into the landing sceneHow Gold Train and its products can directly hit the pain point, empower the industry, upgrade intelligent applications, and see together, at present and in the future, more possibilities and growth of 3D vision. Let's go now.