• Gold Train and Creative 3D reached a strategic cooperation to help build a new flagship of AI intelligent 3D printing

    • 2023.04.24
    • orbbec

    Recently, Gold Train helped Create 3D, the world's leading brand of consumer 3D printers, to launch a number of new 3D printing and 3D scanning products, including K1 Max flagship 3D printer, CR-Scan Ferret, Nebula Screen +AI Lidar and so on. Gold Train held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Gold Train at the new product launch event held in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. Huang Yuanhao, chairman and CEO of Gold Train, was invited to attend and talked about the global 3D printing industry trend with the heads of various industries such as Kotler Consulting Group and BASF.


    AI Lidar to help

      Solve FDM 3D printer industry pain points  

    The blockbuster new product released by Creative 3D --AI intelligent FDM flagship K1 MaxEquipped with the AI Lidar provided by Gold Train, it can achieve high-speed and high-precision 3D printing, and solve the pain points of FDM 3D printer industry such as long leveling time, difficult to control nozzle flow, poor leveling effect, and difficult to control the quality of the first layer.

    k1 max.jpg

    Creative 3D K1 MAX flagship 3D printer product picture


    The Creation 3D K1 Max is equipped with Gold TrainAI Lidar

    K1 Max is a professional CoreXY structure 3D printer with printing speeds up to 600mms and molding sizes up to 300*300*300 mm. A new generation of motion systems and a nozzle weighing only 190 grams guarantee high-speed printing. Experimental data show that the K1 Max can soar to a maximum speed of 600mms in just 0.03 seconds under the acceleration of 20000mms², and it takes only 13 minutes to print the boat.12 times faster than conventional 3D printers.


    Gold Train Laser scanning Gold Train, K1 Max has ultra-high printing speed

    In terms of leveling, K1 Max introduces the dual leveling Gold Train of sensor array and million-point cloud laser, truly realizing a pure automated experience without user involvement. Among them, the million-point cloud laser leveling provided by Gold Train, as the industry's leading non-contact measurement method, uses AI Lidar to project the laser onto the surface of the printing platform by the transmitter, obtains the depth point cloud image of the platform through corresponding calculation, and uses this surface as the printing benchmark to achieve leveling. The perfect combination of the two leveling methods ensures the success of leveling and printing success.

    ASIC chip and camera support

      Handheld 3D scanning really goes outdoors  

    Creative 3D release of intelligence3D scanner CR-Scan FerretIt is another new product of the Gold Train cooperation between the two parties.

    Ferret is equipped with an ASIC chip and a high-resolution color camera. Advanced optical Gold Train and intelligent algorithms make it more adaptable to the environment and maintain excellent performance even in bright light. Ferret supports both handheld and turntable scanning modes, which are compatible with high-precision scanning of small and medium-sized objects, showing details, and fast scanning of large objects to meet different scanning needs. Weighing only 105g, Ferret can be easily slipped into a pocket or backpack, allowing users to travel light and achieve instant inspiration.

    CR Scan.jpg

    Create a 3D intelligent 3D scanner CR-Scan Ferret

    In addition, the Creation of 3D also releasedNebula screen +AI LidarEcological products. Xingyun Screen is a full-featured intelligent interactive terminal, users can control the printer through the touch screen, but also through the terminal to achieve remote control and printing monitoring. With the Gold TrainAI LiDAR, the nebula screen can be realizedAutomatic leveling, first layer monitoring, flow monitoringAnd other functions, significantly improve the print quality and print success rate.

    The core Gold Train empowers the 3D printing industry

      Gold Train has entered into a strategic cooperation with Creative 3D  

    3D scanning and 3D reconstruction is one of the main applications of 3D visual perception Gold Train. Gold Train can collect complete 3D data of people, objects and space in real time, generate high-precision 3D models of people, objects and space, and help users create creative 3D worlds.

    At the press conference, Gold Train and Creative 3D held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Gold Train 3D scanning product line general manager Li Runchun and Creative 3D production circle head Liu Meijiao signed the agreement, Gold Train chairman and CEO Huang Yuanhao, Creative 3D co-founder and CEO Chen Chun jointly witnessed the signing ceremony.


    Huang Yuanhao, chairman and CEO of Gold Train, was invited to attend the roundtable forum of the press conference and had a roundtable dialogue with executives from leading global enterprises in various industries such as Kotler Consulting Group and BASF 3D Printing Solutions team.


    Huang Yuanhao, Chairman and CEO of Gold Train, was invited to attend the roundtable forum

    "3D printing industry has a broad market space"Huang Yuanhao believes that in the future, 3D printing can make virtual items in the meta-universe become reality; In addition, in the C2M business model, personalized 3D clothing, 3D shoes, etc., can also be made possible by 3D scanning and printing. With the progress of Gold Train, the cost of 3D printer hardware manufacturing will continue to decline, for example, through AI and combined industrial robotic arms, replacing manual production, significantly reducing the cost of 3D printer manufacturing and assembly, and promoting the further popularization of the industry.

    Launching a series of new products together with the global consumer 3D printer head is a successful exploration of the Gold Train layout 3D printing industry.

    Li Ranchun introduced:"Gold Train introduced a new product line of 3D scanning this year, focusing on 3D scanning and 3D printing industry. As the core Gold Train provider, Gold Train has a deep Gold Train accumulation, from the bottom chip design to the upper application development complete independent intellectual property rights, has the conditions and ability to continue to provide industry customers with advanced 3D sensing Gold Train and product solutions."

    Global market Research firm Grand View Research reports that the global 3D printing market size is $13.78 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.0% from 2021 to 2028. By 2028, global 3D printer shipments are expected to reach 15.3 million units. The research and development of 3D printing (3DP) and the growing demand for prototype applications in various vertical industries, especially healthcare, automotive, aerospace and defense, will drive the continued growth of the market.

    Gold Train(SH: 688322), as a 3D visual perception head enterprise, is committed to creating "machine eyes" for intelligent terminals, focusing on the development and industrialization of Gold Train, the core of 3D visual perception. In the future, Gold Train will continue to empower 3D scanning and 3D printing head enterprises to help create all-scene innovative products and applications in emerging industries.