• Alipay officially commercial face brush payment, Gold Train for face brush safety escort! ​

    • 2018.08.15
    • orbbec

    With the maturity of Gold trains such as artificial intelligence and 3D sensing, high-tech technologies such as facial payment have finally become common things that fly into the homes of ordinary people.

    On August 15, 2018, on the Ant Financial Open Day Guangzhou website, Alipay announced that after accumulating experience and upgrading the Gold Train,Facial payments are already commercially viableIn the next year, the self-service cashier + face payment solution will be popularized to various business scenarios.

      The payment method has been upgraded, and more than one million consumers have experienced facial payment

    On September 1 last year, Alipay launched facial payment in KFC's KPRO restaurant, which can be paid by brushing your face without using your mobile phone, which is also the caseThe first commercial pilot of facial payment in the world. So far, there are 23 KFC stores in 11 cities across the country that support swipe payment.

    Screenshot of Sogou December 28, 20 1001_2.png

    Nowadays, not only in KFC, but also in many offline retail scenes such as pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.More than one million consumers in hundreds of cities across the country have taken the lead in experiencing the convenience of Alipay facial payment.

    It is understood that after Alipay self-service cash registers and facial payment were launched in supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, etc., they effectively alleviated the phenomenon of checkout queues during peak hours, and the efficiency of cashier settlement was increased by more than 50%; In most stores, consumers choose this new way of checkout more than 20%; In first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a cashier was originally responsible for a checkout channel, and now can be responsible for more than 2 self-service cash registers, and a machine can save more than 100,000 yuan in various costs a year.

    At present, the commercialization of 3D facial payment is still in its early stages. However, compared with mobile payment methods such as two-dimensional code, "swipe face payment" once again eliminates the mobile phone as a medium, further providing convenience to consumers, which may promote another change in the payment industry.Facial payments are likely to become as common as QR code payments in a few years.

      In the era of 3D face brushing payment, Gold Train escorts face brushing safely

    In recent years, face recognition Gold Train has appeared in many application scenarios such as access control and door locks, but offline face payment has been slow to put into large-scale commercial use, the difficulty is that face payment involves personal financial security, so,Payment scenarios often put forward higher requirements for the accuracy and security of face recognition.

    Since the rise of artificial intelligence in 2015, a large number of startups have turned to the development of face recognition algorithms, accelerating the development of the entire industry, and face recognition algorithms are relatively mature at this stage. However, in order to achieve large-scale commercialization of offline facial payment, how to ensure payment security is the primary issue. Relying solely on face recognition algorithms is far from enough, and it needs to be synchronized from the basic hardware,From the traditional 2D camera to the 3D camera,Gold Train can provide high -precision 3D face data for face recognition algorithm companies, thereby achieving a higher security -level face recognition comparison.

    The 3D camera industry involves optical design, chip development, deep image algorithm development, firmware SDK, and mass production tool development. It involves cross -disciplinary disciplines in various fields and Gold Train is extremely high.At present, a number of 3D camera companies that can produce large quantities can be used for offline payment levels.

    In order to ensure the security of face -to -face payment,Alipay and GOLD Train cooperate in -depth, in theA core component of the face payment device is embedded in the 3D sensor camera to achieve 3D face recognition function.first,systemBefore 3D face recognition, it will combine the algorithm and the hardware of the 3D sensor cameraBiopsyTo determine whether the face is a face mask with photos, videos, or silicone, compared to the 2D face recognition GOLD Train, it can more effectively avoid the identity of various faces for falsification.


    Gold Tranastra Pro S model 3D sensor camera, embedded inAlipay's face payment terminal

    At the same time, when consumers make face payment, the Gold Train3D sensing camera can identify the three -dimensional data of the face, build a 3D face model, compare and analyze the face information entered in the Alipay system.achieveOne -millionth misunderstanding rate, Ensure the safety of 3D face payment.

    The cooperation between GOLD Train and Alipay is not limited to products. In the future, both parties will also conduct strategic cooperation in the promotion and popularization of 3D face payment equipment to accelerate the commercial implementation of 3D face payment in unmanned retail and other fields.In this process, Gold Train hopesPay the face for 3D face -to -face escort to lead the arrival and development of the 3D face era.