• Applicable industry:
    • All
    • Smart 888 Gold
    • Three-dimensional scanning
    • Biometric identification
    • AIOT
    Gold Train Type:
    • All
    • Monocular structured light
    • Binocular structured light
    • TOF
    • Laser radar


    Help Alipay take the lead in realizing large-scale commercial use of offline 3D facial payment

    In September 2017, Gold Train partnered with Ant Group to launch a 3D facial payment device. In April 2018, Ant Group and Gold Train jointly invested in Mafengrio. At present, Mafengli has reached cooperation with hundreds of manufacturers such as Shangmi, Youbao, Yitouch, Hisense, Zhongke Yingtai, and Gold Train offline payment 3D vision sensors and equipment shipments exceed one million units. Learn more

    China UnionPay

    3D vision module for the "Face to pay" product

    In October 2019, Gold Train and China UnionPay jointly established the "3D Vision Joint Laboratory ". In the same month, China UnionPay jointly with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and other more than 60 institutions released the "face pay" series of products, a number of 3D face POS machine, 3D payment tablet, 3D face vending machine products equipped with Gold Train3D vision module. Learn more


    Gold Train provides Deschmann with the Gold Train solution for 3D structured light smart door locks

    Gold Train provides Deschmann with the Gold Train solution for 3D structured light intelligent door locks, the industry-leading 3D face recognition algorithm and face live detection Gold Train, which helps its door locks have the advantages of financial security, dark light environment and second speed face recognition, and become the leader in the field of high-end intelligent door locks. Learn more

    The First People's Hospital of Yuhang District, Hangzhou

    The whole process of brushing face for medical treatment

    In 2018, Gold Train helped the First People's Hospital of Yuhang District of Hangzhou to build a "full process face brushing medical treatment", which opened up the whole process from automatic face brushing registration, consultation room face brushing, medical insurance payment, printing settlement sheet and other links, and efficiently simplified the process, which greatly facilitated the medical experience while protecting the property and information security of users. Learn more

    Qinglang Intelligent

    Merchant delivery 888 GoldT5

    Equipped with Astra Mini camera module, Qinglang intelligent distribution 888 GoldT5 realizes face recognition, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance functions, meets the requirements of fully autonomous unmanned distribution process, and realizes "contactless" distribution in public places such as restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and office buildings, effectively reducing the possibility of contact infection. Learn more

    Gao Xian 888 Gold

    3D vision power, three men in one cleaning truck

    Equipped with Gold Train3D vision sensor, Gaoxian Cleaning 888 Gold can automatically identify, clean garbage, and automatically avoid obstacles in complex outdoor environments, greatly improving cleaning efficiency. Learn more

    Hewlett Packard

    HP 3D scanning machine

    In 2016, Gold Train partnered with HP, and in the same year, Gold Train replaced Intel as HP Sprout Pro G2 all-in-one supplier. Sprout Pro G2 uses the Gold Train3D camera, which is more suitable for short-range scanning, for higher scan accuracy and can support both 3D scanning and projection. At CES2018, HP announced the latest generation of HP Z 3D Camera, which also uses the Gold TrainAstra series 3D camera. Learn more


    Meizu flagship phone 18Pro

    In 2021, Gold Train will provide a one-stop ToF mass production solution for Meizu's 5G flagship mobile phone 18Pro, further improve the depth engine performance, enhance the mobile phone AR application function, achieve accurate deep focus, and make the image and video show progressive natural fade effect. Learn more